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Dusty pathways #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll let you into the dusty pathways of my mind and just write about whatever I find there! For most of my life I have felt misunderstood, I think everyone does at some time…

I used to know someone who suffered schizophrenia. If he saw starving children on television, he would respond to the appeal and send all his money to the charity. He did the right thing, despite his illness. He could recognise suffering and couldn’t turn his back on it. Maybe the people who think he’s crazy are the crazy ones. The ones who say charity begins at home are the ones who use a well-worn cliché as an excuse for avarice. It reminds me of when Ed Miliband gave his loose change to a beggar, even I’m not that mean and I don’t have his income or wealth. I imagine Osborne has never even given a beggar  his loose change.

It’s a bit foggy today and I was planning on going out and taking some landscape photos. I have taken photos in all weathers, but the fog is the most challenging. That’s a fashionable word now, when life is hard or bloody impossible, the politically correct set describe it as challenging.

I do have a sense of despair at some things I see and hear. I think we could all try harder to make life easier. I was thinking about homelessness and what I could do. It’s easy to just donate a few quid to a charity but I see charities spending that money on more advertising and posh offices and I wonder how much of those donations go to the people  in need. I have decided that to a certain extent charity does begin at home and so I’m trying to make the community I live in better. There are people sleeping rough locally and so I’m going to see what I can do about that. Perhaps I could take photos and publicise it?

Time for a photo while I wait for the caffeine in my tea to stimulate a few brain cells…

I feel strangely drawn to the canal today. I can imagine a mist on the surface of the canal giving it an eerie look. I think it will be warmer and the fog will clear a little this afternoon, so I might get a few spooky pictures. It gets dark earlier now so that ‘golden hour’ before sunset is late afternoon.

I would like to photograph another event, but no one has even told me about an event, let alone invited me to photograph it. I wish I had photographed the kids who knocked my door last night doing trick or treat now. They will be having official ceremonies next month to launch the Christmas lights switch on so I’ll be there to capture that for posterity

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