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Easter Sunday 2012

The Sanna, Moorcroft Wood

I’ve been checking the statistics on my WordPress blog and the most popular category is rambling; when I do no research and just write off the top of my head! So that is what I’m doing! I’m also installing an anti-virus that just asked me for a 25 character product key. Why so long? I’m also cooking lunch. I often write a Sunday blog while cooking lunch. People always want to know what I am cooking and this week it’s a little special being Easter. I have turkey and oven chips in the oven. I’m cooking broccoli to go with that. It seems like a strange combination, but I like chips!  This afternoon as usual on a Sunday, I’ll be off out to take a few photographs.

I’m not really fussy today, as long as I go out, I don’t care where. I just don’t want to look at these four walls for much longer. It’s cloudy and so not a great day for photography, but the weather is improving and the sky looks clearer by the hour. I have canals, lakes, pools and parks to choose from. I could even take photographs of Victorian buildings and some buildings are older than that. There is always a shot that I haven’t taken before, without travelling too far. Some of the shots I have taken before, are worth doing again, because nature changes with the seasons and the photos change with the light. The lake photos I shot on our last outing look grey, because although it was sunny, the sky was a bluish grey. It’s cloudy today but the light is a whiter light as it reflects off the white clouds.

I can enjoy driving this afternoon because it’s Easter Sunday and the roads should be quiet. There will be a few people out visiting relatives and the odd Sunday driver. I’m in between Walsall, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton and Dudley and so I suppose I’m spoiled for choice. I also have a motorway junction about 1/2 mile away. I do want to do some motorway driving, I haven’t done any for years; the M6 gets a bit busy and crazy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish this blog in time to post it at lunchtime. I did go out to take the photographs, but the weather wasn’t very good. The sun came out for about 30 seconds and I took this photo. What do you think?


Maybe, I need to to go back when there is even more light. It is artistic though so on a bright day I might shoot that again.

I hope you have found this blog interesting. I’ll post more pictures from today’s outing on Tuesday. There are more interesting blogs on the Home Page.

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