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Easter Sunday thoughts #ramble

It’s Easter Sunday and so as always on a Sunday, I’ll share my thought with you. What are my Easter Sunday thoughts? Well, I will be going out taking photos this afternoon. The sun is shining and it’s quite spring-like. I have done a few prints of my photographs recently and this morning I got an email from an art website that sells art reminding me that they would sell my art for me. It might be worth considering.

Easter Sunday thoughts


I’m fussy about which photos I turn into prints because I want to aim high and only have the best prints. They could be around long after me, I’m not getting any younger! I’m more aware of the need to strive for perfection when I take photos with a print in mind. I have to be more careful editing the pictures too. I have to be careful today because covid is still around. If people come up talking to me, I need to keep my distance and maybe wear my mask.


My Easter Sunday thoughts are more positive but covid has to be at the back of everyone’s minds. I have had my first shot of vaccine and will go for my second in May so I have some immunity but not enough to ward off covid completely. I am fortunate in that I had the Pfizer vaccine although I would still have had the Oxford–Astrazeneca one. Seven people have died after having the Astrazeneca jab and developing rare blood clots. Over 120,000 people have died after catching covid. I would prefer the jab to covid. Covid also causes blood clots and some research might be needed into why both cause blood clots. I take anticoagulants so I should be OK? Life is risky and bad things happen. We just have to minimize the risks.


Huge amounts of money have now been invested in cryptocurrencies. The market capital of Bitcoin is now over a trillion dollars and there is a multitude of cryptos to choose from. I think eventually people will lose faith in them and we will see the first crypto crash. Can I make a few quid before that happens? Maybe. I won £30 on the lottery last night so I might get lucky with cryptos too. So far I have invested $30 in Ripple and doubled my money or at least I would double my money if I sold now. That’s the rub, when do you sell?

Easter Sunday thoughts

Anyway, those are my Easter Sunday thoughts. Not very positive but maybe I’ll feel more positive when I get out in the sun. I have a pub and a  church in mind to photograph today. The area where I’m going is known for yobs on scrambler bikes but I think the police could be out and about too today. Have a great Easter Sunday, whatever you’re doing.

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