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Easter weekend #FinanceFriday

Lockdown and the pandemic have meant many people spending less money and so they have savings to spend when things are more normal. Businesses are expecting that to be on the 12th of April. Some businesses who sell online have already begun having sales to get rid of old stock ready for the return of customers to their stores. I picked up some bargain-priced clothes in one sale.

Easter weekend

Stock market

The stock market was quite subdued this week. I was about 0.5% down but I did better on eToro where I was up by around 0.8%. I also picked up a few small dividends this week. The UK seems to be winning the battle against the virus but the rest of Europe isn’t doing so well. There are encouraging signs however and some European shares are worth looking at. In particular, banking shares could be worth buying just now. I did well on eToro because I’m more exposed to the US market now. My gains on eToro were 1.13% yesterday. IAG who owns British Airways was up more than 5% with investors looking ahead to when the skies open up again. AZN and GSK were down yet again but I think they will come good eventually. Oil was up over 3% yesterday and that is important to watch, as is gold, which was also up. There is still some nervousness and some investors are still buying gold but overall people are positive about the future.

Easter weekend

The stock markets are closed today, of course. We have a four-day break from watching the market and it is now a time for reflection and maybe a little research? Roll Royce gets income when their engines are actually in the air and I was pleased to see my recent investment in RR starting to go up. As a small investor, I’ll watch and wait now. Some recovery has seen some share prices return to pre-covid levels, such as Barclay’s and I’ll now consider whether to sell and invest in something else. At the moment, there isn’t something else that is better so I’ll do nothing for now. I think I’ll go out and take some photos and enjoy the Easter weekend and forget finance for a while.

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