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In the UK we have a general election in May, so the political parties are beginning to lay out their policies. All the political parties appear to be being very economical with the truth. They seem unable to understand the world economy and their economic models on super-computers aren’t any help.

The politician around the world all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Austerity and cuts and a reluctance to face the real problems that seem endemic in the economic and political systems. They are systems and systems can be regulated  and fixed.

Questions about why some companies can get away with avoiding taxation need to be answered and addressed. Whether it is the use of off shore tax havens or the use of on-line selling across borders, we need to look at these and take some action. You only have to look on EBay to see overseas companies selling direct to the consumer and often avoiding import duties and VAT.

We also have to look at how the rich became rich. Can you really become a multi billionaire in a few years if you pay all your taxes and don’t cheat? I don’t think so. We have to look at executive pay and expenses  too. It seems clear many of our public servants like to have a CEO title and a huge salary to match. It’s not just pay either, but perks and pensions too.

The politicians say we need to work harder and produce more and then they make cuts that results in people producing less. Production isn’t just goods, but services too. If we want to produce more goods we need investment in technology and that investment could come from the ordinary people rather than just the rich and multinational companies. We need to become a society that saves and invests rather than an indebted society that lives for today with no regard for tomorrow.

We definitely need to invest in housing, there is a shortage. As a nation do we really need a high speed train linking the north with the already over prosperous capital in the south? If we are to breach the north- south divide wouldn’t it be better to invest in housing in the north?

One thing is certain, we the people are becoming more politically active. Universities are rallying the student to vote. Which party? The one that listens to their concerns and has a history of keeping their promises might win the votes. Students are incensed at broken promises, not just higher fees and students loans. I think many benefit claimants will be voting in May too. The grey vote that really scares politicians will be out in force too, not perhaps thinking of themselves, but the what the future holds for their children and grandchildren.

That’s all for today. What do you think? Can the world economy be fixed? Should we work together or compete in a free for all? Please share you views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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