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Eddy the elf and other fantasies #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. It wasn’t a great week. The election dominated and I was slightly disgusted by comments from the far-right of politics who were obviously driven by racism. The election has got rid of two party leaders. Jo Swinson was far too confident and arrogant and lost her seat as an MP. Jeremy Corbyn’s days are numbered but I wonder about his fantasy policies which were simply unworkable. Will Labour moderates call out Momentum and give them their marching orders? They are fantasists and bullies and need to be rooted out. On a positive note, I went into Darlaston post office and bought a few things including Eddy the elf. I was going to give him to one of the children but I might pop him up on top of the Christmas tree.

eddy the elf

Eddy the Elf

I forgot to write my post about photography this week and I’ve taken very few photographs. My photo of Eddy the elf makes up for it. It’s a very colourful picture and even shows a few art cards. My art cards are back on sale in the library and there will be a history talk soon so they might sell some.

Food Bank

I managed to get to the food bank on Wednesday and took them a heavy box of food. I need to think more about the kind of food I buy for them. I’ll start buying more tea which is useful for their customers but a lot lighter for me to carry. I’ll have to see if the supermarket I use stocks long life milk as well. A lot of people donated on Friday to food banks around the country. The more liberal-minded of us will need to give more support to the food bank because we will probably have a right-wing government for another 10 years.

Party within a Party

Labour has Momentum as a party within a party and the Tories have two powerful groups influencing policy. The European Research Group orchestrated by Jacob Rees-Mogg is divisive and the group dominated by Iain Duncan-Smith is just plain nasty and wants to set the retirement at 75 years old. The party within a party within Labour and Conservative needs rooting out. Policy should be decided in the open not in dark corners by nasty old men.


I’ll get back to photography and forget politics. I shot some video of ‘Santa’ touring the streets. It wasn’t bad video and I edited it on my phone. I realised when I started shooting that I didn’t know how to zoom in and out! I have mastered that now and I will try to master the finer points of shooting with my phone on a gimbal. I would like to shoot some time lapse video too. I can do that with my camera or my phone now. Today, I’ll just try to take some interesting stills. Everything is a bit wintry and we have poor light but I’ll try to find something interesting.

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