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Editing pictures with Photoscape


I was expecting to take even more photographs now summer has finally arrived; both landscapes and events. The weather hasn’t been great though, but it seems to be changing now just in time for Wednesbury carnival.

Editing pictures

This first photo, I edited with Photoscape. Editing pictures with Photoscape is quite easy to learn compared to Photoshop. You don’t need to do a course to learn Photoscape, it’s quite intuitive. Just click and see what the different icons do. I gave this first picture a plain border and a texture.


This is virtually the same landscape with a graduated border. This border is good for covering up damage on old photos. I use my camera to copy old photos and then use this border to cover damage to the edges. There is also a clone tool that’s useful for fixing minor blemishes.

Market Place twin

This is an old photo I worked on with Photoscape and then I joined two copies together so I could compare them. I’ve used the graduated border on the left one and changed the colour. Which do you think is best?


You can join a lot of pictures together. Here I’ve joined together 24 pictures of pubs that I’ve taken. They are separated by a white border. All these pubs are in the Black Country quite close to where I live. You can click that picture to being it up larger.

Hydes Pool as art edit

You can also do artistic edits with Photoscape. I added my copyright notice and made it bigger than usual so it would stand out. I don’t make them too intrusive, they are there to remind people that my images are copyrighted and they should ask permission to use them.  This image was 6000 px wide and nearly 18 Mb, so I resized it with Photoscape to 1500 px across for the internet. That also helps protect my copyright, because I have the original and can prove in a court of law that the original in my archives is the one photo I took. It has all the exif data to show the camera and it’s settings too.

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