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Editing your Christmas pictures #photography


If you took some photos over Christmas and they aren’t what you were expecting then you might be able to improve them with editing. I use Windows Live Gallery and that is good for basic editing, such as making a picture lighter or adding contrast. This picture is quite good.

Some pictures can get a yellow tinge or a blue tinge to them as in this one.


This was a test shot before I fitted the Speedlight. The reason it has a blue tinge is the lack of light and the wrong white balance setting. I tried the de-colour option on PhotoScape and it looked a lot better, but it looked better in monochrome too:


For this picture, I changed it to greyscale and then use colorize to add a tint. I think it would probably look better cropped closer so there is less of a ‘border’ around the singers. It is better than the blue tinge, though.


Often you want your subject in the middle of the picture but this shot was with a 300 mm lens from the balcony. I cropped it to get it the way I wanted it. The original picture was 6000 x 4000 pixels and then I cropped it and resized it to 1500 px across for uploading to the internet. For this blog, it’s resized to 585 px across, but you can click the picture to enlarge it to 1500 px across.


I cropped this picture quite tight to get the expressions on the faces of Captain Hook’s pirates. Photographing people on stage is hard because of all the different lighting. Cameras have a built in light meter, but mine also has different settings and I had the metering set on centre weighted, so it would read the reflected light in the centre of the image.


I cropped this picture quite tightly and you can see the characters quite clearly. I have a hand intruding on the picture on the left-hand side, but it would have been difficult to crop that out. If you have a lot of images, you can crop some different to others and crop some really tight so the characters are clearly recognisable and sharp. I could make a copy of this image and crop out the guy on the left for a clearer image of the other characters.

Today’s pictures are from a photo shoot of a Peter Pan pantomime at Wednesbury Town Hall.

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