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Electrical science – fascinating

I’ve always been fascinated by electrical science and electric vehicles. I saw a YouTube video of a guy making his own electricity the other day from water power. He did have a stream running through his property, though, which helps! He made his generator from a washing machine motor which he rewired to produce enough voltage to charge car batteries. Another option would be to use an alternator from a car which could produce up to 100 amperes. It would be possible to produce a kilowatt of power.

electrical science

Bank of batteries

The alternator would have to charge a bank of car batteries and then the DC power would have to be converted by an inverter to alternating current. The alternator would be producing 24 kWh (units) of power a day which is enough for most homes. The surplus power could be used for heating water or even charging a battery for a vehicle.

Sources of energy

I don’t have a stream running through my garden so the only source of energy that I could consider is wind energy. Wind energy is intermittent and so it is unreliable but could produce enough energy in winter. Wind turbines can be quite noisy, though so I don’t think I’ll start building one just yet.

Electrical science

Electrical science is just one subject that most people don’t understand but we rely on it more and more as our world become more and more wired. We also rely on the science for our invisible world of electrical signals, as our world becomes controlled and monitored by wireless signals. I’m not convinced that some modern gadgets are that useful. Do I really need to be able to switch things on and off with my smartphone? I can actually change the channels on my TV with my phone and switch it on and off but I still use the remote control. Our wired and wireless world is helping us find more accurate weather forecasts and we can now get some idea of what the traffic is like before we set out for a journey. Maybe in the near future, we can actually get warned of that motorway closure before we get stuck for hours in a traffic jam!

I like this electronic world we live in because it is a logical world and so to some extent eliminates judgement. The switches are on or off, there is no in-between, even if that might sometimes appear to be the case.

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