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Elf and safety #ramble

Once again, it’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Overall I think the government has been fairly pragmatic in dealing with the pandemic but leadership has been lacking. In China, everyone wore masks even on the street. They didn’t mess about. The police enforced the wearing of masks and they sprayed the streets with disinfectant. They built hospitals at break-neck speeds. Their experts (not politicians) addressed the nation. Despite having a huge population, China had a total of around 86,000 cases and 4,600 deaths. The UK has had 1.49 million cases and around 55,000 deaths. The UK from the start was ill-prepared. China was short of PPE too but they ramped up production and faced up to the crisis. The UK exported PPE and told people masks wouldn’t protect them. The government was thinking about money, not our ‘elf and safety!

Looking after my elf

Mask or face covering

As deaths mounted in the UK, the government finally admitted that masks would help stop the spread of the virus. It couldn’t go back on previous advice so it came up with the ludicrous idea of face-coverings. It was half-hearted and muddled advice. Then we had the eat out to help out. It was more like, eat out and spread the virus! Of course, we have to try to keep the economy going but that would have been easier if fluid repellent masks had been used right from the start.

Elf and safety

Anyway, my ‘elf and safety are important so I’ll stay safe and look after myself. There are pressures however and Christmas looming means I have decisions to make. I think I will be spending Christmas alone and using the telephone more. I did my first Zoom meeting this week so I can always do video chat with my Christmas tree in the background! Our wellbeing is more important than money and we are more resilient than we sometimes think.

Wednesbury High Street Heritage Action Zone Consortium

I signed an agreement to be in the consortium to bring events and activities to Wednesbury High Street Action Zone yesterday. My health isn’t good and a blocked artery in my leg means I can’t walk too far but I’ll give it a go! I can photograph the zone and I know some of the histories. I’m not too bad at social media management either. I posted a picture of beans on toast this week and it got a lot of responses!


As always I’m watching the weather this morning. I want to take a few pictures this afternoon. I want a picture of the clock tower in the Market Place. The sun needs to be in just the right place to get shadow and form. I think I’ll get my best shot in the spring but then I might be shooting more towards the sun. I’ll take a few photos between now and then and try to get just the right shot. The weather looks reasonably promising.


We have our evening of music and poetry on Tuesday so I’ve been combining poetry with photography to produce some artistic images! I’m really into writing verses or funny little poems. I’m not as good as the performers but at least my efforts are visually pleasing. I have a go and that’s the main thing!

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