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Emerging from lockdown #pandemic

Should the schools re-open now? This is a topic of conversation on social media and many parents and teachers are saying no to reopening schools. Young children need education in their formative years but another few weeks isn’t likely to harm their development much. As we are emerging from lockdown perhaps we could consider the option of teaching children in the open-air reducing the risk of the infection spreading.

emerging from lockdown

Emerging from lockdown

I’m considering how I’ll emerge from lockdown and I’m eating well and getting my vitamins to give myself a chance of surviving infection should I be unlucky enough to catch the virus. Some people are being careful like me and staying in lockdown, others are being careless. I’ll be selective when I come out of lockdown and try to avoid careless people. I’ll avoid crowded places too. I’ll be able to do my photography and wander around so I’ll be better off. I’ll wear a mask when social distancing isn’t an option. Incidentally, Poundshop has masks at a reasonable price on their website.


This is the era of online shopping and so I won’t need to do much shopping in person. I think they have probably installed screens in most shops and the petrol station so that won’t be much of a problem. I’ll continue to do food shopping online. I have a delivery booked on Monday and it recurs every two weeks. Outdoors events will probably be fine if I take the pictures with a 300 mm lens. There will be no need to get close to people. I’ll need my hair cut but I don’t mind having it long for a while!

Planning the future

Planning the future is difficult. I don’t think I’ll do very much for the rest of this year. Will socialising at Christmas spread the virus? I’ll consider that closer to the time but hopefully, it will be less prevalent by then. I did intend to make an effort and try to become less of an introvert. I now consider being an introvert is a good thing and improves my chances of survival!

The new normal

Will we have to adjust to a new normal as we are emerging from lockdown? I think foreign travel will have to be curtailed and travel companies seem to be downsizing so they appear to agree with me. Even plane makers and companies associated with air travel seem to believe that there will be less air travel in the immediate future. The oil price has plummeted in recognition of the likelihood that all travel will be reduced in favour of video chats and holidays at home. Facebook has launched a video chat gadget but that could just herald a new age of video chat with chat apps on our phones that link to our television sets.

Internet shopping

The new normal could see much more internet shopping and more streamed video content. Facebook and Instagram are popular because they are interactive. There is a lot of room now for more interactive services via the internet to keep us all entertained. Local singers have been using Facebook to give us ‘live’ shows during the lockdown. They need to be allowed to do that and make a living from it.

That’s all for today. I’ll try to write a finance post this week. The stock market is up and down and I think we can expect more quantitative easing. Gold is selling for £5,000 for 100 grams.  If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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