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The end of the month #finance

It is nearly the end of April and the weather here has changed to cold and wet again. I’m thinking of changing my car and have one at a local dealership in mind. I’m not in a hurry but at the end of the month, salespeople like to add a little to their commission. I hope to get a salesperson so enthusiastic to make a sale, that they will reduce the price or do a good deal on the part exchange to get that end of the month bonus.

end of the month

End of the month

At the end of each month on the last Sunday, we have a car boot sale and that can be an opportunity to make money. At this month’s we will be trying to raise money for our small charity that puts on events in the local Victorian park. I’ll go to that and take photos but it will be the 30th of April and the final day of the month, so I’ll be round to the car dealership to see if I can strike a deal.


I’ll be doing end of month accounts too. I’ll be checking my bank account but also the value of my portfolio of shares. I started the month with Solo Oil on 0.52 and will end with it on 0.4 (if I’m lucky). It has actually dropped to 0.39 this morning. I think it will go up again when we get some good news but that price seems too volatile to me. The rest of the companies in my portfolio didn’t perform very well either. I did buy Carillion and that has made some progress and will go ex-dividend next month. ITV went ex-dividend a few days ago. ITV are paying a special dividend too. Dividends are great but the potential to pay a dividend can make the share price appreciate and so that can be a greater advantage. Anyway, considering the political risks with Brexit and the Donald Trump factor not to mention all the other crazies in the world I think coming to the end of the month fairly flat without gains or losses is quite good.

Looking forward

Investors are always looking forward. Once I have changed my car I’ll be looking to find good investment opportunities again. We are half way through spring and so what will be a good investment for summer? I’ve been inclined towards companies doing business with other businesses. B2B rather than B2C seems to be the smart way to go right now. Banks seem to fit the bill and Lloyd’s Banking Group appears to be at a good price now. It did drop really low earlier this week and then recovered a little. I think it could go to a pound a share before the end of this year, especially if there is a rise in interest rates. Debenhams new boss seems to have the right ideas, but it could take some time to drag the company out of the doldrums. I shall hang onto my shares and sit it out. My pharmaceuticals, Immupharma and Verona Pharma have lots of promise and I expect them both to be showing a return by the summer. Graphene Nanochem is fresh out of resus and still clinging to life. I’ll wait and see if it survives. I have my doubts.

That’s about it for this week. Looking forward, I have no real investment plans, except to look for opportunities and sit tight! If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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