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Enjoying the longest days #photography

These are the longest days before the summer solstice on the 21st of June. This is a great time for landscape photography and we have a lot more time to go out and experiment and improve our technique. The light varies throughout the day and most photographers like the warm light just after dawn and just before sunset. You do have to be careful with the sun low in the sky because there are long shadows.

Photography on the longest days of spring


There are a few different patterns in this picture. The camera uses that contrast between light and dark to focus and so the picture looks well focused. I shot it at f/4.8 which is quite wide and so brings all the detail into sharp focus.

Longest days

I went out in the late afternoon to shoot these pictures and the light was getting warmer but I didn’t have much of a problem with shadows. You can see in this next picture that it was a sunny day but there was also white cloud which reflected and diffused the light.



I think these buildings with their detailed brickwork make great subjects and they aren’t the style of building that I would see every day so that much more interesting to me.


The church

This church is opposite those buildings in Walsall. St Margaret’s is tucked away in Chapel Lane close to Merrion’s Wood which is a nature reserve of considerable beauty.

On these longest days, you can take your time and wander around and explore. Landscape photography is about enjoying the relaxation and taking a walk in the country. So I went exploring around the back of the church where there used to be a historic mansion on a large estate. I didn’t find the mansion!


I admit I didn’t walk very far but I did stop to chat to other walkers and so I did at least get to relax and enjoy the views for a while. This shot is a little boring but it does draw you in and make you wonder where the road leads.

It’s a good idea to take food when you go out exploring then you don’t need to hurry back. The longest days leave you wanting to stay out until dusk just to experience all the changing light. You can also get quite amazing sunsets as a backdrop to your buildings or you can photograph the buildings illuminated by the sunset and bathed with warm light.

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