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Enjoying the simple things #finance

I have spent most of my life thinking about money. I try to make money and try to save money and it has been quite stressful at times. I’ve got to the stage where I have more than enough discretionary income but with lots of bills coming in this week I’ve been cautious and made sure I have more than enough money to cover them. My frugality does get a bit out of hand and when I bought a new camera this year for the arts festival, parting with so much cash was almost like having a limb amputated. I am enjoying the simple things in life more and trying to think less about money.

Art and music

I enjoy art and music more now but I don’t spend a fortune on it. I had some art cards printed and sold enough of them to cover the print costs. I have a collection of MP3s I listen to and get music from Amazon Prime and YouTube. Signing up to Amazon Prime seemed a waste of money but I’ve stuck with it for a few months. I might really appreciate the films when Christmas comes and television is all Christmas repeats. Besides appreciating art more I have become a creator and curator of art.

Enjoying the simple things

One of my friends is  Buddhist and has spent time with the monks at Buddhist temples who enjoy a simple life and she sends me pictures of her meals sometimes.I have no idea what the foods are but you can enjoy simple meals and also enjoy cooking them. Food is an important part of a simple life, it does give us pleasure. You might ask what people who enjoy a simple life do to have fun. Fun things are often exciting things, seeing new places, taking risks and over-indulging in things like alcohol. All these things can end in disaster when we get sick or sustain injury. Living a calmer, simpler life doesn’t need to be boring it can still be interesting and enjoyable. There can still be games and  there can still be laughter while enjoying the simple things in life.

The simpler life is less stressful and you have fewer money worries but it is hard to change the habits of a lifetime. It is something many people should consider and try for the sake of their health, however.

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