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Enlightenment and wisdom #ramble

There are some things more important than money but money does solve a lot of problems. We shouldn’t make money the most important thing in our lives and we shouldn’t devalue things like family and loved ones in our quest for money and material possessions. As we grow older we see things more clearly. When I’m out taking photographs I notice things and I see the young people in the park and I see older people in our nature reserves. The children go to the park to play and the older people go to the nature reserves to enjoy their scenic beauty. Enlightenment is seeing what is truly important.

enlightenment through art?

Art galleries

I see older people in art galleries and in art groups enjoying the beauty of art. One of my friends in a Buddhist and I have been trying to understand her religion. I started to follow the Dalai Lama on Twitter:

“Let us try to recognize the precious nature of each day.”  Dalai Lama.

That is a good quote. We have to try to enjoy each day and realise today will never come again. Young people walk quickly or run. Older people can’t run so fast but many don’t want to, they want to enjoy their walk.


Music is more important to me now especially classical music that has endured hundreds of years. I like relaxing music, calmness is important to older people too. We are more conservative with a small c. We dislike change unless we see it is clearly for the better. Nature evolves but mankind likes to destroy and change things to make themselves feel important. They do things to demonstrate their power.

Buddhism speaks of enlightenment and I think many older people having a lifetime of experience and knowledge like to reflect and look for something more than knowledge. People with great knowledge don’t always possess common sense. Enlightenment is about acquiring wisdom. We need not only a wealth of knowledge but the understanding that knowledge should be used for good.

Happy thoughts

Can we fill our days with happy thoughts? I struggle to do so. I look for the good in everybody but some people are resentful and combative. It is very difficult to like them, let alone care about them. Maybe we should just leave them to their own devices until they realise they are hurting themselves, as well as others?

Share your knowledge

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” – Dalai Lama

I have noticed that wiser older people feel the need to share their knowledge and experience with others, especially the young. While the young instinctively feel the need to pass on their genetic code, older people try to pass on knowledge and experience.


I’m not going to become a Buddhist but the pursuit of enlightenment is a good way to grow old gracefully. If you can see beauty in a wildflower or listen to Bach and understand the beauty he created, then you might just find enlightenment in your lifetime.

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