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Enlightenment: the pursuit of wisdom

I stopped writing about finance on Fridays because money is simply a means to an end. I enjoy photography and the experimentation that means I can create art using my camera. Anyone can create art, all you need is a pencil. Creating art that will tell a story and be popular is more difficult. Part of the difficulty is understanding what people relate to visually. Enlightenment isn’t just about learning and knowledge it is about understanding. Young people can learn and acquire knowledge. Older people combine knowledge with understanding and strive to fully appreciate the world we live in.

BRUNSWICK PARK - enlightenment is appreciating what you see.


Enlightenment is the aim of many Eastern religions as they strive to fully understand themselves and the world they live in. I think people who are interested in space also seek enlightenment in their own way. It is also being able being able to walk through the park and really appreciate nature and all its possibilities. Enlightenment is being able to understand ourselves and all our strengths, weaknesses and our purpose in life.

Art and music

The enjoyment of art eludes some people, particularly the young. It is the same with classical music and fine wine. We acquire some taste as we age. I think classical music improves with age, some works have survived for hundreds of years while others have fallen by the wayside and it is the same with visual art. Fine wines improve with age too. We might even say the same for people who acquire wisdom as they age.

We acquire wisdom by being open-minded. People who follow the latest trends and fashions are like sheep. People who need to be different stand out from the crowd; they are the ones who produce something, they are the artists and the musicians. I think it is important to be different but not too different. People are tribal and so embrace people who accept the collective need of the tribe, which is to conform. Members of the tribe who are allowed to stand out are the warriors who protect the tribe and bring home trophies. Tribalism is still very evident despite the fact we live in the 21st century. Our collective behaviour is still driven by primitive desires and the need to survive.

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