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Enriching our town centre #Wednesbury

I went to the launch of the poppy appeal in Wednesbury yesterday and took a few photos and photographed our increasingly popular bric-a-brac market while I was there. I learned a lot and it was a successful day when I learnt not only about enriching our town in the monetary sense but also in the cultural sense. An empty unit at the end of the market is now being used to sell poppies and a selection of related products.


BID ( Business Improvement District)

Over a cup of tea, I learnt about a new initiative to set up a Business Improvement District in the town centre to improve shopping and attract more shoppers to the town centre. Ideas include organising more events in the town to attract more shoppers. I thought about that and I could take photographs! We could perhaps organise events at Bank holidays. Is there a good lookin’ wench in Wednesbury who would like to be our May Queen? Other ideas include getting funding for new projects. Perhaps we could get lottery funding for some projects? I read the other day a list of grants given by the Arts Council. London gets loads of money, even Walsall got a grant. Maybe we could apply for some cash and have an exhibition in our Art Gallery? I know a bit about pictures…

Halloween – 26th – 29th October

There will be some events in the art gallery and museum. I don’t think there is enough money for an exhibition but today it’s Potty for Pumpkins from 11 till 3 which is pumpkin related arts and crafts for kids. Tomorrow it’s Wizzy witches and wizards family fun day from 11 till 3. Then on Spooky Saturday, the 29th of October, it is Spooktabulous Halloween Crafts, again 11 till 3.

History Society

The friends of the library open up the library on certain evenings. I was there last night for a musical soiree and took photos and shot video of local legend Billy Spakemon! The History Society evening will feature a talk on local canals by Robert Broadbent on the 1st of November (next Tuesday).

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights switch-on will be in the old market place by the town clock  this year on Friday the 25th of November. I’ll be there taking photos.

Enriching our town centre

Anyway, that is just some of the things going on that will be enriching our town centre in the near future. I shall try to do a bit by publicising some events and the town generally. One of the things the BID initiative aims to do is attract funding for marketing the town centre more successfully. We could have a Shop Wednesbury initiative, couldn’t we? I popped into the sweet shop in Union Street and bought some fruit sherbets yesterday. The shopkeeper told me he had asked his landlord about redecorating the front of the shop. He had seen my photograph of it and decided it needed improvement! See, my photographs do make a difference! I’m going to photograph more shops now and feature them on Facebook. Let’s smarten Wednesbury up a bit!

What ya think?

How can we go about enriching our town centre?

I intend to write a post about Wednesbury, every Wednesday. Other posts will be about saving money (Thursday), Finance (Friday) and photography (Tuesday). The rest of the week I make it up as I go along. If you would like to subscribe and receive an email each time I post just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter  for updates. You can find more information and photos on my Facebook page.

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  1. well done mike photo.s good and you are helping the comunity of Wednesbury with your pictures and interest ,xx

    October 29, 2016 at 13:38

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