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Entering a photography competition #photography

I helped to run a photography competition this year and helped judge it. It is surprising how many people don’t read the rules and conditions! That is the first thing to do and it can give you an indication of what the judges are looking for too. I decided to enter a competition this week and the photos are to be uploaded onto Facebook but the prize is a print of your photo. For the print I will need a photograph that is high definition and the one I have is over 5,000 pixels across but I have resized it down to 1,800 pixels across to upload to Facebook. Anyway, before entering a photography competition, read the rules and conditions to get some idea of what is required.

entering a photography competition

Choose your  time of day

I went out to take photos especially for the competition. It is a good idea to choose your time of day to get the light just right but I decided to go out early afternoon before the school run while there was reasonably good light. I checked a few places on Google maps before I set out. This photo is reasonable and  could have been a good entry. I also photographed the town hall over the road but that was shooting more into the sun. This photo has a nice blue sky which always adds to a photo. The instructions suggested a building in Darlaston so I photographed buildings, obviously! I think this shot would probably be better without the car in the shot.

The right direction

You need to get some idea of where the sun will be and shoot in the right direction to get a good picture for the competition. I found the sun was virtually overhead for most of my shots despite being afternoon.  I still needed to shoot in the right direction. I also paid attention to detail. The car in the above shot doesn’t look quite right and the angle of the shot could be better. One of the later shots I took of a different building looks just about perfect for an entry in the competition.

Entering a photography competition

So before entering a photography competition, read the rules and get an indication of what the judges are looking for. Unfortunately this competition has been postponed due to a slight technicality. The organisers have obviously not run a competition before so I need to make sure I consider that too. I think I have a picture that can be quickly uploaded to Facebook but they will need a higher resolution picture emailed to them for the print should I win. I have both pictures ready! Try to think of everything before you enter! There is one more possible problem. What if someone else photographs the same building as me? That is a real possibility so I need to enter my photograph as soon as the competition reopens.

The photograph

Besides taking a few photographs for the competition I also did some editing on them. The shot I decided on needed slight cropping and I also sharpened it slightly to bring out the brickwork on the building. Sometimes having people in the shot can improve it and I had shots with and without people. I decided on the shot without any people in the end.

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