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Envy and other emotions #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I invite you into the dustier corners of my mind as I share my thoughts once again. I have a few aches and pains this morning because the pills I was relying on didn’t arrive. I did manage to take a few photos yesterday, despite everything.

Envy ?

Pageant princesses

Yes, I was photographing ‘pageant princesses’ at a fun day in Darlaston. I’m not always happy with my photos but keep reminding myself just to do my best. Then I compare mine with the ones other people have taken and realise I coped with the cloudy skies quite well. I have been getting a little envy just lately for the things I get up to, but I suppose a few young men have a right to envy the photographer on this photo-shoot.


Envy is just one of the negative emotions I try to avoid. It isn’t easy trying to be positive all the time but there is a lot of beauty in the world. I appreciate it and try to capture it with a photograph and see things differently now. In the background of many of my pictures yesterday, was a wall that has weathered with time and that had its own beauty too. It made a great backdrop for many of the shots. When I photograph people, I see some older faces have ‘weathered’ with time too. People who have thought positively through their lives often have laughter lines carved deep into their faces. There is a beauty in that and although it takes a lifetime to acquire, it takes a photographer to appreciate it.


Young children tend to be quite positive and that’s why they like bright fun colours. I notice colours a lot now too and I have photography to thank for that. Negative people say negative things and wear darker colours and positive people go for lighter colours that reflect their more positive outlook on life.

Black and white

The notion that white is related to innocence and black to the darker side of life isn’t one that should be dismissed too readily. I’ve always been puzzled by the fact that many religious uniforms and police uniforms are black. Perhaps the high visibility yellow that we often see now signifies a change in culture in the police force?


We describe some people as colourful, don’t we? Colourful people aren’t necessarily brash but they are  extraordinary. Maybe we should all endeavour to be extraordinary and ignore those who would envy us. I have a computer program that will analyse what I’m writing now and tell me how many unique words I’ve used compared to other bloggers that are writing this week. It will look for words that other bloggers avoid, like extraordinary! It also checks my grammar and looks for missing commas. I usually have a lot of unique words and a few missing commas! This makes my writing colourful but at the same time quite easy to read.

We even use the colour green to describe envy, don’t we?

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