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Escaping from slavery #finance #health

I usually write my finance and investment post on a Friday but I had a few other things to do so I’m a day late. Escaping from slavery sounds like a title about the deep south or a post about a third world country but many of us in developing countries are enslaved by addiction or debt. We become slaves to tobacco, alcohol or interest payments. Gambling and even shopping can be addictive and can also enslave us. So we need to throw off our shackles and live free. The prize in many cases is peace of mind, debt can drive people to suicide. In the great depression of the 1930’s financiers were throwing themselves off the skyscrapers of New York, such is the power of money in our lives.

escaping from slavery


Weaning ourselves off an addiction can be the least painful way to escape from it but it does prolong the agony. It is like taking a sticking plaster off, do we just yank it off and get it over with or do we prolong the agony and remove it slowly. I think the best way with tobacco is just to suffer the withdrawal and think of the money you’ll save. The same might be true of gambling, alcohol and shopping addictions.


If you’re in debt then you can’t just pay it off and you have to prolong the agony, paying it off bit by bit. You can, however, cope better by monitoring how well you’re doing and you can cut up store and credit cards if you feel they are too much of a temptation.

Living the dream

So imagine you have no addictions, no debts and you have extra money coming in from investments. How would your life change? Would you waste all that extra money by buying junk or would you try to get value for money? Unless you want to always be enslaved then you should start trying to get value for money right now. After all, it is even more important when you don;t have money to throw around. Right? There are some things more important than money like being able to relax and being able to sleep at night. People in a lot of debt have many sleepless nights and so if you are quite comfortable and debt free, you’re going to sleep better. Right?

Escaping from slavery

We all like to think of ourselves as free but there comes a time when we must face the truth and if we are truly enslaved by addiction, debt or whatever then it is better to face reality sooner rather than later. Find reasons to do it if you have to but reason enough is the fact that your future and that of your children depends on you getting real and facing the truth. Addiction can be bad for your health and debt can be seriously bad for your mental health. A healthy bank balance can literally mean escaping from slavery as you realise that you have more choices and amongst those choices are holidays in the sun or days out. Instead of memories that are one long slog you can through a reality check change to a life that is more worthwhile and gives you memories to cherish.

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