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It’s Sunday morning and so as usual, I share my thoughts with my readers. I used to use a lot more words when I was younger and now I’m older and blogging I need an enlarged esoteric vocabulary and so I’ve been refreshing my memory and adding new words. I do have a terrible memory so it isn’t easy.

esoteric photography

déjà vu

I just had a weird déjà vu moment and thought I had already written this post. Anyway, my new and recalled words this week were esoteric and exoteric. The former meaning, knowledge and information understood and shared by few people and the latter knowledge and information shared by many, as in the general public. I suppose writing and photography is fairly esoteric but the thoughts that emanate from the dustier corners of my mind certainly are. I’m quite interested in psychology, well you have to be if you’re going even begin to understand this crazy world we live in.

Esoteric photography

Photography can be quite esoteric and artistic. Not everyone understands the pleasure you can get from photographing weeds with a 300 mm lens. I like to experiment, not only with my photography but with my writing and with life itself. All our lives are quite experimental, aren’t they? It’s not like we have done it before. Locked up in our  minds are memories that only we have access to, they are not exoteric, are they? Yes, inside each of us are esoteric memories that only we possess.


I don’t share all my thoughts with you. I doubt if you want to know that I have just taken paracetamol or that I have a headache and snotty nose. You want to know about the esoteric stuff that is known only to me like how much I won on the lottery last night. I’m not really superstitious but I think when lady luck smiles on me I should share it and that has become something of a superstition. Who shall I share it with this time? I have been quite generous this year so another charitable donation doesn’t need to be too ostentatious, does it? I might donate my first plastic fiver to a local charity. I was going to keep it to pay the window cleaner being as it’s waterproof! I never thought about them being waterproof before. With all the rain we have they could become quite popular with market traders…

I want to go out today but it’s raining. Not ideal weather for landscape photography is it? It’s quite misty too. I have taken photographs in mist and fog before now and there could be a break in the rain. Taking photos in the rain is very esoteric. I think the word esoteric will come in very useful but I have no idea what I will do with the word exoteric. Maybe keep it for special occasions when the masses get duped by some loud psychopathic politician?

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