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Euro-millions what would you do?

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It is a Euro-millions draw tonight with the added bonus of a millionaires raffle that will make 100 people millionaires in the UK. What would you do if you won the lottery? I think I would hire a lot of DVD films to get me through the next few weeks of mind numbing boredom while the Olympics is on. I suppose bribing the organisers to bugger off somewhere else is out of the question? It is all about money though…

The top prize tonight is well over 100 million pounds. Serious money! You could do some stuff with that sort of money. With inflation running at about 3% you would lose 3 million a year to inflation if you weren’t careful. I don’t think I would really care. I would still be quite thrifty and frugal and look for some decent investments. Being very diverse of course, different asset classes, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t waste money or betray my principles by giving money to the Conservative party or shopping at Tesco.

I would buy the equipment for my local hospital to have hospital radio. Wi-fi and a few laptops wouldn’t go a miss either. It can be bloody boring being in hospital. The management there has promised to put ‘best ham’ on the menu after a complaint about hospital food and ham sandwiches in particular. The quality of the ham in hospital is very important, everything else, tends to be inedible! I would try to help a few people out, maybe buy them some mustard to go on the ham sarnies…  Boredom is the biggest problem in hospital though. It’s bad enough being sick or injured, without being bored to death too. Maybe I could set up a scheme to lend out tablet computers, Ipads to go with their eye-pads!

I wouldn’t be off on a cruise or a foreign holiday. I would invest a few quid in this website, maybe get a web programmer to improve it. I would have my garden landscaped and a bit of decorating done. I wouldn’t move into a mansion or anything, not even if I had the 100 million. I would consider a photographic holiday in England. A new camera would be the first thing I would buy for myself!

Most people think about themselves when they think of winning a lot of money, but it would give me some pleasure to help others. I might have an art exhibition and waste money on that, but I would mostly try to help people who need help.

I saw an amazing vintage car a couple of weeks ago, I might buy that with 100 million. It would be nice to take it to the vintage car show, wander around talking to other enthusiasts and take pictures. That is what life is about, enjoying simple pleasures and the company of others. I wouldn’t enjoy lying on a beach somewhere, baking in the sun and waiting for a melanoma to develop.

We all want to feel secure too and financial security is important. Most people would like to be comfortable for life, but there are those who would spend, spend, spend. Would I buy expensive designer gear? Nah… A personalised number plate for the car? Nah… There is a blazer in the Matalan sale I wouldn’t mind having. I’ll probably try that on next time I’m in there anyway, win or no win…

Do I want to be a celebrity and get mobbed by the paparazzi? Nah… I was mobbed by young girls once, but that’s what you get if you stand outside a junior school with a bag of sweeties…

I’m trying to think of something I want, that money can actually buy. There isn’t a lot… I could hire a cleaner… I hate cleaning… I could have someone do my ironing…

I was getting worried then, I thought I had bought that ticket for nothing. No good winning 100 million if you don’t have anything to spend it on!

What would you spend 100 million on? It’s not that much money when you think it cost 500 millions to train the athletes for the Olympics and that whole thing will cost 12 billions. Anyway, please put you suggestions in the comment box. What would you do with 100 millions of pounds or a million off the raffle for that matter? In the meantime, save a few quid and enjoy free days out for the kids; that was yesterday’s blog.

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