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Eventually you just stop caring #ramble

There have been protests on the streets of Britain this weekend and people have just stopped obeying the lockdown regulations. Arrests have been made. Is it all about that killing in the United States? No, it is about attracting attention at any cost. The incident in the US is being dealt with, arrests have been made. I have got sick of right-wing comments on social media just lately.  Eventually you just stop caring and the same applies to the victims of racism. If they act with the same stupidity as the racists, eventually you just stop caring about them too.

eventually you just stop caring

Isolation day 80

It’s now 80 days since I started my isolation and the government is now claiming that the over 70s weren’t told to isolate. We’re vulnerable not extremely vulnerable. So why mention the over 70s at all? According to the evidence, the over 60s are vulnerable to the virus but not extremely vulnerable! I’m starting to get the impression that the government is trying to gaslight us.

Masks or face-coverings

Face coverings won’t protect you from the virus but you should wear them on public transport and in hospitals but not just yet! Don’t buy a proper mask because we might need them for the NHS and they don’t work anyway. More gaslighting? There are experts who now advise masks as a way of protecting yourself. I mean proper masks made from meltblown that you can buy online from Amazon and Poundshop. We have to ask the question, could the r number that represents the transmission rate be brought down by wearing masks? The r number is above 1 in the north-west of the country. Why not ask everyone to wear masks? If the r number was brought down below 0.5 across the country and travel restricted then we could even see the eradication of the virus before the winter comes.

Eventually you just stop caring

Eventually you just stop caring and try to protect yourself and your family against the virus and the stupid people who are spreading it. Crowd onto the streets and on to the beaches! Why should we care? We do though, we care about the NHS staff that have to treat these people when they get sick or injured.


I am thinking of going out today and doing a little landscape photography. I will have to stay away from people but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Different members of my family have been isolated and so we haven’t caught the virus. So we should be able to see each other now. Right? We can’t because of the stupid people who just aren’t alert and aren’t keeping their distance. We all have to try harder. Several choirs have come down with the virus. Who would have thought singing in a church could be hazardous? If you think about it, singing, chanting and shouting are likely to make the virus-laden droplets travel farther and cause a viral cloud. I wonder if Boris did any singing, chanting or shouting when he went to that rugby match? Expect a bit more gaslighting should anyone ask him.

That’s all for today. Please try to stay safe. Try not to join the drama queens on the streets. Stay home.

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