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Everyone can be an artist now#art #photography

It’s is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. At the beginning of this week I started doing the 64 Million artists daily challenges. Today I had to take a photograph and make something look big. I decided to use Eddy the Elf again and use the photograph for an environmental message. It wasn’t difficult, everyone can be an artist now.

everyone can be an artist

Everyone can be an artist

It’s true, everyone can be an artist these days. You can use a camera like me or simply keep practicing your drawing until you get something right. You can screen print like Andy Warhol. You can paint in cubes like Picasso or just express yourself and paint an impression of what you feel. Yes, you can be an impressionist artist! It does take a little confidence to not only produce something but to share it with the world, though. You need to be able to take the criticism that your work might attract.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect as one of my school masters used to say. I have had a lot of practice taking photos. My photo of Eddy the Elf was well received on social media. I think it deserved more likes but fellow artists expect a good photograph from me and so aren’t really impressed. If I painted a picture they might be more impressed. I’m not any good at drawing and painting though so perhaps they wouldn’t be so impressed. We have to just create art and take the good with the bad, the compliments and the criticism.

Art cards

I’ve decided to sell my art cards by post. You can order via my Facebook page or send me an email. You can use a debit card to pay for them via PayPal. Fill details are on my “buy Art cards” page. If I sell some I’ll try to have more printed in the spring and grow the collection. I wanted a Christmas card picture but I doubt we will get any snow this winter. I might take a good picture of the Farley Tower in West Bromwich and maybe Highfields House. I will be looking around for other suitable subjects too.  I’m even considering putting them on eBay!

Gluten free

My gluten-free diet is also on my mind. I used to write this post while my Sunday lunch was cooking. Today’s lunch will be a toasted sandwich, gluten-free, of course. I need a light lunch that my dodgy digestion can handle so I can go out this afternoon and take photos. My Sunday cooked meal will have to be dinner later. I’m going to cook a turkey drumstick which nearly became my Christmas dinner. I decided to opt for breast of duck instead on Christmas day, just to be different!

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