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Exercising the mind #art #writing

Creative challenges are a great way of exercising the mind and I’ve done another challenge from 64 million artists this morning. It’s day 27 of the challenges and today’s challenge was fairly easy. The challenge was to become the local historian and write about a local landmark. As the admin of The History of Wednesbury, I had a slight advantage! I also had the perfect picture to use:

exercising the mind

The Olde Leathern Bottel

Yes, the picture of the Olde Leathern Bottel that I used for my art cards was just the job. If you’re going to create art, you also have to market it. Never pass up a chance to publicise it!

Exercising the mind

My writing has improved this month and I have been more creative because of these challenges so it is good for me. I have some health worries too and keeping my mind busy doing something constructive prevents me from becoming overly worried about my health.

Sharing my thoughts

As usual, on a Sunday morning, I’m sharing my thoughts with you. Besides my artistic endeavours, I am also concerned about a few things happening in the community. I want to try to do my bit to stop the concrete sleeper factory they plan on building nearby. I have become aware of local politics in the last few years by becoming more involved in civil society. I try not to take sides, there are so many divisions and much petty point scoring. I just try to make the town I live in better. I think there will be more political intrigue this year and as someone who can talk to anyone, I sometimes get the inside track on what’s going on. The darker side of politics is all about money and power.  I’m squeaky clean because I don’t have either!

Creative endeavours

I have more hospital appointments coming up and although I plan to devote my year to creative endeavours much depends on the results of my blood test! My mobility is restricted as well but it can’t be helped. I just have to accept a degree of disability and do my best to find ways around the restrictions. A long camera lens will help! I was very pleased with my art cards and so I might produce more this year. A gallery is interested in selling my prints but they will need to be very high quality, so that is something I can work on.

I like to make life interesting and that often surprises people.  I do the unexpected and I hope a few of my plans that I’m not ready to share just yet will surprise people this year. It will, I hope, be a very artistic year when I get the opportunity to be very creative in many different ways. We can only make our best effort. Right?

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I end with a few pictures, watch out for some really good pictures when I start shooting again this year!

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