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Experiments in art and photography #photography

When I’m writing sometimes I imagine a particular person or group of people and write for them. It can mean I am writing with local people in mind or writing for an international audience. I have a great-nephew, Jamie, who I have never met, but he has recently taken up photography. I have him in mind today. So how do I go about my experiments in art?

BLUEBELLS IN THE HEDGEROW - experiments in art.

Wednesbury Art Gallery

This was the image I eventually created for the ‘Bloomin’ Lovely’ Sandwell Art trail and the print on canvas is now exhibited in Wednesbury Art Gallery. I took quite a few photos and experimented taking shots with a 300mm lens. A macro lens would have been better but I have to use what I have and I have a 55 – 300mm lens. Jamie has just returned from a trip to Norway with other members of my family and was showing this picture on this phone to others on the cruise. So I think it is an image that people like and one they will comment on and talk about. I think that makes the image interactive. In the gallery, people will, perhaps, be drawn to it.

BLUE BELLS experiments in art

Experiments in art

The subject was ‘bloomin’ lovely and had to be related to flowers and as I was photographing the bluebells I had the idea to put similar coloured text on the photograph. I found a font that would do that and I think it works but in this picture, it doesn’t work quite as well as the one I eventually chose. I also like the contrast of having a white bluebell included. I did cheat a little and arrange those white bluebells in just the right place for the shot.


Yellow flower

I did take some shots of yellow flowers as well as bluebells as part of my experiments in an art for the ‘Bloomin’ Lovely’ competition. I think as an addition to the one I chose this could go in an exhibition but it isn’t as good is it?


Musical soirée

We have a musical soirée of spoken word, poetry and music on the last Tuesday of every month in Wednesbury library, hosted by our poet laureate Brendan Hawthorne. They allow me to take photos and experiment and this picture of Brendan shot wide open with my 18 – 105 lens looks quite artistic in monochrome. I also took a lot of shots of the guitars and machine heads, and other things. These experiments in the art are difficult. I want something people can relate to and this is an interesting picture and if it was in a local exhibition I think it would work because people would recognise Brendan as the subject. Perhaps that is the key to interaction, I have to make the subjects recognisable but not familiar.

As you might have guessed, I’m preparing for my next project in art and so thinking about it a lot and continuing my experiments in art and photography. If you like the ideas in my posts, you can subscribe by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar and receive an email each time I post or you can follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also ideas, pictures and links on my Facebook page. You can also find my photography posts on the Express and Star website.

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