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It is day 11 of the #TheJanuaryChallenge of #64million artists. Today’s challenge is quite a good one, it is try something new. I think about trying something new most days. Yesterday, I tried to create some new images using money, fivers and pound coins to be exact. I also did yesterday’s challenge using money. Yesterday’s challenge was to make something with an A4 piece of paper. Ended up with this:

art challenge

Yellow ship

It is a yellow ship on a sea of fivers with a golden beach made from pound coins. You see the symbolism? It is a pirate ship sailing the seven seas looking for treasure and riches and it runs aground. The sea and that beach are, of course, the riches that the pirates were looking for. We all sail through life missing the riches that surround us. I like to challenge myself to create something different so I took this picture:



Life is a challenge and as a photographer, I want to create something different. I put some pictures on display over Christmas to see which ones people would comment on. They ignored the ones they had seen before and noticed the new ones. They also chose the ones that they could associate with to comment on. The images that make them think or trigger a memory are the ones that are important. That is what art is about initiating a response from the audience. If we are to display art in galleries and on the walls of our homes, we might want people to admire it but failing that we want people to notice it. Does my fivers image make you think?

Art is no longer the province of the rich. Now everyone has access to art and artists and everyone can have art displayed on the walls of their home.

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