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Experiments in art #photography

We now have darker days and we can take more atmospheric pictures. We need to keep the shutter speed quite fast for our landscape pictures while controlling the exposure for a darker more atmospheric shot. If you want lighter pictures that highlight those wonderful autumn colours you can try using the pop-up flash to highlight leaves that are close to the camera or even use a Speedlight on high power.

experiments in art


We can still do all kinds of experiments in photography and explore new ideas for composition and for lighting our shots. As we go through winter we can do more indoor photography and perfect our approach to flash photography. As we experiment we can try different ways of setting the white balance. I find the best way is to use a grey card but under fluorescent light I set the camera to auto white balance.


My camera has different settings for different styles of photos. I can set it to vivid for photographs of funfairs for example. The portrait setting is for those delicate skin tones but it is also great for the delicate tones of those autumn leaves.

Experiments in art

I did the weekly challenge from 64 Million Artists yesterday. Challenges set by other people get your mind thinking laterally and creatively. It can then come up with some surprising results. Getting involved in community photography and art can be challenging too and lead to some interesting diversions. This week I have been combining photography with poetry to make a pleasing image.


Experiments in art

These experiments in art produce something new. My poems are a little quirky but they are different! We can experiment in lots of ways, from the way we create our images to the way we edit and add the words. Experiments in art can combine words and pictures and can be a social comment or be a topical message. You can make a powerful statement when you combine words and images.

Have a little fun

It is important through these difficult times to have fun. The pandemic is a serious situation but for a moment we can be light-hearted about it to relieve the strain. Experiments in art and photography can take us away from the stresses and strains of life and allow us to have a little fun being creative.

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