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Experiments in photography #photography

If you’re going to do something different with your photography, you will need to experiment. You will also need to think laterally; out of the box. Do a Google search for fine art photography and you will see lots of mediocre images in grey scale. Those photographers copy each others style and so there is little originality. How about those top Magnum photographers who get their pictures into galleries and sell them for lots of dosh? Check those out too. Yes, lots of grey scale images but a different style. Experiments in photography should be able to produce a style that is fresh and maybe clever too.

experiments in photography


My photo of a butterfly is pretty but not breath-taking is it? I have been doing some art cards by taking photos of pub that people can relate to. Of course, I aim for the best image I can get and try for a blue sky or even a stormy sky. I get the image as sharp as possible but I am looking for other subjects to photograph and they are all around us. We can tend to be blind to most of the world around us though. We need to become more aware of potential images and have the camera ready when we see a great shot.

Experiments in photography

I’ve been using a 28 – 300 lens on my Nikon D750 which gives me a great zoom and so there is a lot of potential there. I might get better quality with my 35 mm prime lens though and using that will force me to think about the shots more and the quality with a fast lens will be better for some shots. My experiments in photography have included people and places and a shot of someone sitting on a bench checking the latest notifications on their phone says something about the zeitgeist of 2019.

experiments in photography

Take the shot

Sometimes you just see something and you take the shot and see how it works out. Besides experimenting, you also need to be opportunistic. Experiments in photography can also extend to your editing where you can do all sorts of weird things.

experiments in photography


I created this surreal image by painting with light and then editing in PhotoScape. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but in an exhibition it would add something to the exhibition if all the other images were more conventional.


Experiments in photography is for everyone. You can use any camera and a free editor will do. You can even take photos with your phone and use an app on your phone to edit your images. You might create something that is quite artistic but the point is usually to have fun being creative.

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