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Experiments in photography


TED gets excited.


Experiments in photography can include just about anything to give you something that looks different. You don’t take a photograph, you make a photograph. Victorian photographers conducted lots of experiments and often positioned their models next to windows for lots of light.

Rembrandt lighting

I didn’t have a model for my experiments so I used Ted! Rembrandt positioned his models next to a window too so they were illuminated more on one side than the other and so this is often called Rembrandt lighting. You can do something similar with lights in the studio. You can even try using moonlight.

Experiments in photography

I went shopping at Matalan in Walsall and took a look at Ford Brook that runs at the side of the retail park. It was getting quite dark by this time and so I used a higher ISO and positive exposure compensation to make this image lighter than it would otherwise have been. It’s a reasonably sharp picture, you can see the texture of the bark on the trees.

Walsall landscape

Standing in the churchyard of St Margaret’s church in Walsall, I looked through my viewfinder at this shot and knew I had a good shot. Apart from being pretty, it has lots of depth as the scene goes away from us to a misty Barr Beacon. I took quite a few shots with different settings. My experiments continued when I started editing the shots, making some a little lighter and cropping some for a different view.

Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley

This was Swan Pool in Sandwell Valley Country Park. Having people in a scene adds interest to a landscape. Images tell a story and this looks like a family day out walking the dogs.

My images today are mostly landscapes shot using a narrow aperture for depth of field. The picture of Ted by the window was on a wide aperture making the background blurred. Setting the camera yourself gives you sharper images and you have control over how light or dark the image is. My Nikon D3200 gives me a lot of control, but if you don’t have a DSLR you can still take great pictures, but with less control.

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