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F-bomb Britain #satiresaturday

Wednesbury party

A weekend of events

In a few hours a weekend of events will begin here in Wednesbury, where I live. This is the one today to raise money for surgery for Sam who needs an SDR operation to help him walk. Being the Black Country, I expect people to pull together and make his dream come true.


We’re all different and we should accept that and not point the finger at people who are different because of disability and we certainly shouldn’t judge them. Whether it is a different hairstyle or style of dress we should accept that other people are different from us. They may look different or have a different lifestyle, we should be tolerant. We can, however, abandon our individuality to come together and work collectively towards a common aim. Hopefully, today people will do that and raise money to help a small boy realise his dream of being able to walk like other children.


We all try to conform and be like other people to some extent and so it is understandable when people who have differences that disadvantage them in life want to be like the rest of us. We also need role models to set a standard of behaviour for the rest of us. There is a royal theme to this weekend’s celebrations and the royal family should be setting an example to the nation. Do they really set an example? I think his royal highness the Duke of Edinburgh let standards slip not long ago when he used the f-bomb to express his annoyance at a press photographer. So it wasn’t surprising when the prime minister was similarly attacked with multiple f-bombs by a young student. It would now appear to be acceptable to use the f-bomb to express our anger in public places and even on television. At one time, using the f-bomb in front of the queen might have verged on treason, but now it is acceptable. Have standards slipped? Are the royal family still role models that deserve our respect?

Keeping up appearances

This denigration of British standards and the blatant lying by our politicians hasn’t gone unnoticed overseas. We used to be the envy of the world, we set a high standard and yes, the British people were role models for the world. Now to quote one of my overseas friends it’s “God save the [f-bomb] queen.” as people show not only disrespect but disdain for that royal institution. Respect has to be earned, you can only pretend and try to keep up appearances for so long before you’re found out.

[f-bomb] Standards

There is flag waving fanatics who blame outsiders for this corruption of British standards. They forced us to accept their pilsner lager and while our brains are addled, corrupted us with their Vorsprung Durch Technik engineering. Before we knew it, our women were drinking European wine, the kids had ADHD because high sugar drinks from the United States and were spending all their time in a stupefied trance staring at screens made in China. The f-bomb is now one of the few words they know how to spell.

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