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Fairy Dharawat:

“I like him.” “Let me send him a Facebook request.” “He did not accept my Facebook request” Has this ever made you miserable? “Hey a green signal! Let me chat with that cute guy, “hii!!” (No reply) “Hey u thr!!” (Gone Offline)  Have you found yourself in any of these situations? If yes, then welcome to the club. This is what happens when you stay on Facebook for the longest time. Let me take you to the world of some people on Facebook who are, can I use the word? Yes I can, addicted.

Smile with tongue out

Some people are prone to give anything and everything as status. “I am off to go shopping” “My boss is mad” – and they have their boss as ‘friend’ on their Facebook – and sometimes even, “I had a wonderful time,” “just came from washroom”. Try connecting people’s status and see what you get.

Some people also have their parents on their ‘friends’ list. This is the mystery I may never understand. The day my mother joins Facebook; I will delete my Facebook account. I assumed this to be the case with everyone, surprisingly it is not. “Hey everyone I am going to xxx movie with my bf and I am soo excited!! Next post from mom, “NO young lady you are not!! You are grounded for a week and you have some serious explaining to do.”

Aren’t they even concerned about the embarrassing photos their parents post of their childhood? I guess their parents say they are cute, but they are not! Yes your parents will ‘always’ say you look ‘beautiful’ and they will like ‘all’ your status, but that does not make you any ‘cooler’ and it is more harm than good. Somebody needs to tell them that, really.

You know through FB you can get to know so many people and their likes. I don’t remember if anyone was ever interested to know what other person liked, but now everyone wants to know and like anything and everything. It’s like everyone is going on a ‘liking spree’.

FB is a great place to meet like minded people; FB is also a great place to meet stalker people. Yes the same people who would like your lamest of status. Comment on your status as they are your childhood buddies and sometimes even embarrass you with weird comments, like “Oh my God you look totally like that evil hot villain from that xxx movie! Awesome!” Now that’s awkward.

You go on posting photos and it is assumed all your friends like and comment on them. It’s like saying, “HEY YOU, YES U, LIKE MY PHOTO, YES YOU – LIKE-IT – NOW! If you don’t comply, then your photos and status will remain as empty as ever, as lonely as ever, and as sad as ever they can be. Now no one wants that, right, and hence we have what I like to call ‘liking spree’.

Come to think of it, if there was no Facebook the digital cameras would go out of business, undigitalized cameras are already going out of business and the term Kodak moment is so history. This brings me to the type of photos people choose to post on their walls, and their friends walls. These people have really intense photos with jazzy elements for their profile image. Really these are the same people who have unrecognisable photographs on their passport and or driving license, like they are on some kind of missing list, contact and get reward kind of missing list. Just how long it takes to get that perfect profile picture? Well for starters, it takes a lot of time, if it didn’t then all profile pictures would turn out like passport driving licence pictures, right. Some people still look weird after all the effort taken while clicking profile pictures and nothing can be done in that respect.

There is this quick way to feel neglected too. The way emotions take quick turns. There is a green light, on chat section and you go to that cute guy, say “hello” and then there is no response and in another second you see that fellow has gone offline. Royal ignorant treatment and may I add, hurtful too, ouch!

But this also a great place to spy on people. Like your school crush and all. Screen them. It is helpful as someone who is cool may have many uncool habits that no one told them about. Somebody needs to tell them, “Hey this is not going to make you famous in a good way.” Like who would want a guy looking like a rock star who likes a book about Mill and Boons, any one, any takers umm no thank you. So Facebook spying takes place more often than one thinks. This is like Google for people.

These are some of the Facebook effect which we discussed and I think there are many out there, which are unusually funny. Like a guy who will sound all serious and who always had strong opinions about everything and anything would be the same guy who would comment on twilight page saying “Ohh, I can’t wait for the movie to release where Bella marries Edward”! They aren’t even cautious about the fact that somebody must be spying on their walls, sad. For all the time you see them that same status will rewind in your mind which will make you smile, again and again and again. It will also make you smile a lot more than usual when they are about to explain issues on current economic scenario while all you can imagine is the sucker getting all dopey in front of Edward. Classic case where all you do in front of his intelligent lecture is daydream about his twilight escapade and do nothing but smile. But I say thank you God for such people. There is some fun element in life.

Thus this is also what I call Facebook effect and how it has evolved us from our daily lives. Sure it is a sad state if you are young and the only way you think you can get some action is by posting something ‘cool’ on Facebook. But such is life and every generation had some sort of challenging to face up to. It is up to us how long do we really want to influence the need of Facebook as anything addictive is going to be of no good. Good line let me post it on Facebook!


I do have a weird Facebook profile photo. People ask if it’s me. Of course it is, it was took a long time ago, at a fancy dress night. I wouldn’t post a recent photograph of me. There are young people on Facebook. We don’t want to scare them off. I like the posts. That was a good one. “Just been to the bathroom, the paint’s starting to peel.” It makes you wonder for a moment doesn’t it. What did they do to make the paint peel? Was it the antiseptic soap? I linked my accounts. Post on MSN and it went to Twitter, Twitter was linked to Facebook. I thought about linking Facebook to MSN. That would be good, post something on MSN, goes to Twitter, then Facebook, then MSN, then Twitter; after a few zillion times going around in circles, the computers would start exploding… Can you imagine having your doctor as a friend on Facebook? “Doc, just been to the bathroom and the paint’s starting to peel…“

Smile with tongue out

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