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Falling dominoes and other thoughts #ramble

We have all seen those falling dominoes. One domino falls and that cause the next to fall and the next to fall and so on. We are all falling dominoes in a pandemic. A super-spreader can infect more than one person and over a wide area if they travel around. There are some people who don’t believe in covid! They should be taken to a hospital to see for themselves. I blame the government to some extent, in the 80’s the message was clear about AIDS. We saw gravestones in TV advertising warning of the dangers; now we have fumbling bumbling Boris dithering and talking about personal freedom.

falling dominoes

Strike a balance

The government tries to strike a balance between saving lives and saving the economy. This week saw investors fleeing for safety again and the stock market heading south. We need to control the epidemic and then worry about the economy. The social side of the economy, the tourism, pubs, cinemas and theatres need to close. The areas of the economy that are essential, the food companies, the supermarkets and pharmacies need to stay open and need to be covid secure. The social side of the economy needs financial support and they may need to raise prices and borrow money but they need to close until the dominoes stop falling. We need to break that chain of falling dominoes and we need to accept that there are many chains of infection. The chains run through workplaces, schools, universities and yes, even places of worship. Stop praying for a miracle, stop hoping for the best, stop the denial and accept that we have to take drastic action to stop a worldwide pandemic. We must all do our bit, we must all accept responsibility. We must all behave in a manner that is responsible and stop the falling dominoes before we are the ones to fall.

Mental health

The pandemic is affecting mental health but little is being done about it. The problem is being ignored. The NHS can’t even cope with the workload from the virus. I’ve been trying to keep busy. I played Grand Theft Auto on my PS4 yesterday. I’m not sure stealing an Italian super-car and racing through the city streets is good for mental health but it kept me occupied for a while. I also had a few shootouts with criminal bikers and with the cops which might be getting rid of aggressive tendencies or it might be encouraging them. Who knows? There is a sense of satisfaction when I use a sniper rifle…


I usually go out and take some photos on a Sunday but this morning it’s pouring with rain. It poured with rain in GTA yesterday too. How do they make it rain in a video game? It also went quite misty for a while. I have to marvel at how realistic the game is but I also find it a bit depressing how the language of the street is used. I am bombarded with obscenities while playing my game. I suppose that reflects American culture these days. It’s the same when I’m watching TV. Nearly every programme now warns of violence, sexual content and drug use.

On a  positive note.

On a positive note, my newish laptop has a great keyboard! I’m writing my blog posts much faster now  I have a space bar that works with just a touch. I have a great camera to take the pictures too. Shame it’s pouring with rain! The app I use to write now is Blogjet which is easier than typing straight into WordPress but it is American too and so can’t spell English words properly! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used a common American profanity this week which was not necessary for such an articulate young woman. She has an international reputation and is respected, she should try to protect that reputation and not descend into the language of the back streets.


Finally, it is Halloween today. A great English tradition that warns of darker and colder days to come. It’s going to be a long cold winter of falling dominoes…

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