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Fashion on a budget #thrifty

Fashion on a budget

Supply and demand dictates that things in short supply tend to be expensive. The most fashionable clothes are well made and well designed with attention to detail and so they tend to be more expensive.  That famous name too means you have to pay more. Is it worth it?

Fashion on a budget

Can you have fashion on a budget? I think you can, if you don’t rush in to be the first with the latest fashion; prices are often reduced after the first month or too of a new fashion. If the fashion is catching on, supplies are increased and prices reduced to stimulate demand.

If you want the latest fashion to look good, rather than the latest fashion name to show you can afford it, then you can look for the same designs, but cheaper. You can even get exactly the same brands at budget outlets that don’t have such a glitzy image.  Fashion on a budget is possible, but you have to shop around.

Super six at Aldi

I usually tell you the latest super-six from Aldi and there are new offers stating today. They are garlic (4), snack pack grapes (170g), button mushrooms (200g), little gem lettuce (2), Jersey Royal new potatoes (500g) and cherry tomatoes (350g). They are all 49p each and new offers start on Thursday the 2nd of July.  There are also meat offers that you can check on their website.

Today’s special buys include things for the garden and DIY tools. I like the children’s gardening tools for 1.99. I’ll watch out for the spray guns for garden hoses (3.99); I need one of those. I might watch out for the garden bench (39.99) too.

Sunday’s special buys include and inflatable kayak (39.99). I know someone who wants one of those. There is a 10 ft garden pool (29.99) too. I like the wildlife camera (69.99). I own two cameras including a DSLR and I also have a camcorder for my car, so I don’t think I’ll buy another.

Fashion on a budget

Matalan doesn’t always have the latest fashions, but you can pick up bargains there. You can mix and match fashion too. Wear a cool fashionable top and they don’t notice the cheap jeans! Even retro clothes from a charity shop can look a little avant garde  if you mix them with budget clothing from Matalan.


‘Kitsch is vicarious experience and faked sensations. Kitsch changes according to style, but remains always the same. Kitsch is the epitome of all that is spurious in the life of our times.’  If you can’t afford the latest Avant garde fashions, then fake it. If anyone comments, then tell them it’s the latest ‘kitsch’!

Small details on clothes are always noticeable. The tee shirt with the grandad collar is more noticeable and fashionable than the one with the slogan in big letters on the front. Hats are in fashion too for those of us looking for fashion on a budget. Not American style caps the wrong way around, but linen trilbies and Panama hats. Even beanie hats are quite fashionable, but not in summer. Sun hats are very fashionable for ladies who are wearing short dresses this summer. I’ve seen some short dresses (or are they long tee shirts) being worn over skinny jeans. I think long tee shirts are coming into fashion, probably more for ladies than for men. I’ve noticed body warmers, gilets and waistcoats are making a comeback too. There are different styles though. You have to pick the correct style of body warmer to look cool!

That’s all for today. Do you have any ideas for looking fashionable and cool on a budget? Please share you fashion on a budget tips in the comments box. You can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar or you can follow me on twitter for updates.

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