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Fathers Day in the Park #ramble #Wednesbury

It is Sunday morning once again and so as usual I will allow you into the innermost corners of my mind and share my thoughts with you once again. What’s on my mind this week? It is Fathers Day and I’m going to the park!

Fathers Day in the Park

Fathers Day

Yes, we have our Fathers Day event in the park today. Before the grammar pedants correct me and tell me there is an apostrophe in Fathers Day, I will explain that apostrophe’s don’t always work online especially on Twitter. So I have abbreviated my title and added hash tags to make it Twitter-friendly. I hope you can still get the gist of it!

I’m the publicist and so I’ll be there taking photos and I’m also tasked with making signs to tell people where the loo is. The portaloos are hidden away in a compound where the gardeners equipment is or something. I get all the important jobs!

Getting old

I’m getting old and arthritic and so I’m a little worried about all the walking about I have to do today. I’m hoping to park my car at strategic locations and get my tasks done. I’m not the only member of the Friends of Brunswick Park feeling their age, either.

The weather

We always have to consider the weather and I think it will be a hot day and after a long period of not getting enough light for photography I think I will have too much light and dark shadows everywhere. I’ve seen some terrible photos this weekend and mine haven’t been great. I think wide apertures and quite possibly a flash will be called for. Using the flash to fill dark shadows will be an option today. The mayor is quite dark-skinned and I think I will have to photograph the mayor and other dignitaries.

Think positive

I have been accused of being too negative but you can think positive and lose the ability to be realistic. We all want to think about making today a great success but we have to consider people needing the loo and the less pleasant side of the event like cleaning up afterwards. So I have found my litter-picker out just in case!

Air conditioning

I have air conditioning in my car now. How cool is that! I want it cool because I’m taking some cold drinks with me today. I have been told where to get a free cup of tea but that means walking uphill again. I only have one uphill walk planned and that is to photograph the classic cars.

That’s it for this week. It’s twenty past seven and I’ve nearly finished my blog post. I don’t usually finish before 11 on a Sunday! If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find ideas and more on my Facebook page.

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