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Feigned outrage in the internet age #ramble

If the press criticises Donald Trump, he exclaims. “fake news!”. His outrage is feigned, he is like a child feigning illness because it doesn’t want to go to school. Feigned outrage is the current trend amongst trolls on the internet and social media. This feigned outrage isn’t confined to social media, there are also bloggers who feign outrage and cause division in society and in communities. Newspapers will feign outrage and even the weather can cause them to exaggerate the news to try to gain readers. These people have no moral compass, they are not only dishonest, they lie to themselves.

feigned outrage

Feigned outrage

I’ve had Facebook trolls being a nuisance all year and I’ve banned a few people or one person with multiple accounts. It is hard to tell the difference. Now I have a blogger using innuendo and association to attack my good name. He is obsessed with the local council, councillors and council officers and even thinks the West Midlands police are corrupt. Now he thinks I am guilty of some crime again society by association.


My new critic doesn’t check his facts and I pointed that out to him this week. He doesn’t mix in the right circles either or he would have some idea what is really going on in local politics. He has widened, if not caused a rift between local politicians. I have talked to both sides of that rift and to leading politicians of the opposition party and I like and get on with all of them. I am not by any means one of the sycophants that agree with their every word. I have witnessed cronyism and I find it distasteful. I suspect that there was some bullying as a result of that too. I also talk to council officers whose occasional comment gives me an insight into the goings on in local politics and government. The outrageous claims of corruption are patently untrue but there is a lack of transparency and understandably with a largely unregulated internet they close ranks and become secretive in the face of abuse and allegations. I hope this new troll will read this post carefully. I’m sure he will read it. Perhaps, he will appreciate how a post should be written. Not obsessively, don’t let anger drive you to go on and on and on into a thousand words. Be concise and be precise and check your facts and measure your opinions. His blog at the moment is just the ravings of an obsessive with paranoid tendencies. He is obviously not stupid and so could do so much better if he could put aside the bitterness. I’m sure he feels unfairly treated, it probably stems from some historical event where he felt the victim. Get over it, man!

Anyway, today’s cricket match has been cancelled. Now that is important news and although we expect rain, it isn’t the sort of rainfall you get in the Daily Express that floods whole cities and causes a bread shortage. It is the sort that makes the grass grow and wets your hair if you’re out in it. Normal rain, not the feign rain of the tabloids! I was going to photograph that cricket match. What shall I do with my day now? I might have to do something drastic like stock up on beer. Yes, that is a good idea. I might get snowed in soon, I need to start stocking up on essentials!

I’ve nearly written 600 words, that’s enough. I’ll tell you about when I talked to some leading members of the local Conservative Association next week. It was in the park and they had just eaten ice cream…

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  1. Carlo

    If you curious as to his beginnings, that troll with the blog started his crusade against the local council when the public was closed. His wife was the head of the public and was put out of work when the council closed it.

    September 10, 2018 at 16:44

    • Thank you, Carlo. I knew the story but that links will be very useful. There were actually more lies from him this week but I try not to feed the trolls! 🙂

      September 13, 2018 at 08:43

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