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Festering discontentment #politics

I can’t wait for spring, last year it kept on raining all through winter. We did have a little snow in January but it was quite a mild winter. We are just into the new year and many pundits are trying to forecast what 2016 will bring. I might as well have a go at it as well!

Around the world the politics is more or less the same, quite polarised between left wing beliefs and right-wing beliefs. We  have seen protests and opposition here in the UK against the unacceptable face of capitalism. There weren’t any riots in 2015, but underneath the calmness, there is festering resentment at the wealth that gets flaunted in the face of the poor. It’s not market forces driving economics, it is plain greed.


The chances of winning the lottery are now over 40 million to one, but hey if you win on Wednesday you’ll win over 40 million quid. The yuppies in the City of London are snapping up tickets every time there is a rollover. The lottery organisers believe we are all as greedy as them and a million is not enough. The woman running Camelot is on a salary of a million a year and I’m sure she believes that is not enough. Her religion, the basis of all she believes is based on greed.

Many people hoping to escape poverty buy a lottery ticket in the hope they will get a miracle and win enough to escape the stress of not knowing when disaster will strike. Poverty means disaster can strike at any time, you can lose your job or get sick and even missing an appointment at the jobcentre can mean sanctions leading to dire poverty and homelessness. Beneath the depression and anxiety, there is festering discontentment. Jeremy Corbyn has their support despite being too left wing for most people because he is tapping into their despair.


We see festering discontentment overseas too and it is driving terrorism. Suicide bombers either have nothing to live for or are embroiled in a belief system that has conned them into believing that death leads to a ‘better place’.  Yeah, we have a lot of hard evidence to believe that! Religion gives people power over other people. If they use that power to serve the people then they are revered. If they use that power to exploit the people they will be resented and that resentment will fester into discontentment. The churches and other houses of religion are not exactly packed are they?

Science and logic

We live in an era where our lives are made better by science  and computers that depend upon logic. People fear science and although they embrace the technological results of scientific research and buy televisions, cell phones and computers; they aren’t really sold on it as a belief system. If they are cured of some festering disease it was the will of God, not the antibiotics, that helped them.

We live in a crazy world, dominated by crazy beliefs. Right wing, left wing, Christian or Muslim, it doesn’t matter. When your Gods forsakes thee take tetracycline…

One thing science can’t control is the seasons. I can’t wait for spring and a bit of sunshine. The religion of greed could even mess that up. Yes, 2016 will just be more of the same, opposing beliefs messing up the world…

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