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Festival in the park?

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I live in the Black Country; the heart of England. Today’s picture is of our Victorian park, with it’s traditional bandstand and not so traditional keep fit equipment and skateboard thingy.

There will be some kind of jazz festival on soon, it’s a Birmingham festival but they want to include the Black Country. Suggestions have been made and rejected that we become part of Greater Birmingham, they’re trying to empire build again. I have been around long enough to remember the West Midlands Country Council run by idiots from Birmingham. The idiots weren’t just from Birmingham they were from the Black Country too, we have our own brand of idiot. We call them saft buggers. Sorry I should have warned you about the strong language…

In Wolverhampton the powers that be want to spend over 20 million on the Civic centre. I wonder whose brother in law will get the contract? All over the Black Country they are spending money on video cameras to monitor bus lanes to see if we naughty motorists are using them. It’s just another scam to take money off motorists. Have you noticed how they site speed cameras in awkward places behind trees? The Wolverhampton ring road is a nightmare, they should sort that out before spending money on chandeliers for the Civic Centre. It looks horrible, I think the poor people of Wolverhampton call it the ‘Kremlin’.

Anyway, the fact there is a Jazz festival suggests there are some jazz musicians. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stick them in the bandstand in the park and have an afternoon of jazz or maybe jazz and blues?

Something like this would be cool on a Sunday afternoon in the park:

If they did anything they would do it during the Friday rush hour!

We could all dress in period costume and promenade around the park, if it was done properly.

Next week it’s our carnival and I’ll be there to take photos. The carnival is a good event that is memorable for kids and raises money for local charities. The carnivals and other events are now becoming part of a month long Black Country Festival. We even have our own Black Country flag. It’s nice to see sensible people organising something.

That’s it for today, I’ll be writing my usual Sunday Ramble tomorrow. I wonder what will be on my mind tomorrow? Greece proof investments?

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