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Festival of photography #photography

We have a Festival of photography in Sandwell next month. The Blast Festival is a Multistory festival and the Sandwell Pride of Place Project is a part of that. I might have some photos in an exhibition and although I have lots of photos to choose from, I think I’ll take some especially for this exhibition.

Festival of photography

Easter Event

I took this photo (above) at our Easter event. I shot it wide open for a shallow depth of field. The thing to notice is how well the metering worked. The light summer clothing matches the skin tone and my focus point was lower than usual so I was metering the light reflected from the clothing. One singer with black clothing didn’t meter quite so well. With my D750, which is full frame I now have bigger pixels on the sensor and so they pick up a lot more light. This picture was shot at f/5.6 and that gave me 1/400 of a second which freezes the action. It was bright sunlight but partly shaded and so just about right. To shoot at ISO 100 made a nice change after the dark days of winter!

Festival of photography


Shadow gives things form but they can be too dark. My D750 picks up the detail in the shadows and so takes much sharper pictures than the D3200. I will take some photos especially for the exhibition and having taken thousands with my D3200, I know which shots to go for in the spring sunshine.

Festival of photography


I’ve been seeing some great full-length portraits from Niall McDiarmid so I wanted to give it a try! It isn’t too bad but I am too tall so in future I need to be much further away!

Festival of photography

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the spring weather and enjoy your photography. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. There are also links on my Facebook page. You can also get involved in the Blast festival of photography here in sunny Sandwell.

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