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Festive savings on Christmas essentials #thrifty

Before you start spending money on Christmas food and presents, consider what the festivities are all about. The religious significance is all but lost as commercialisation overshadows it. There is another meaning for many people. It is a time to take a break and enjoy the company of family and friends. We shouldn’t get stressed out by it and we certainly shouldn’t get into debt in a bid to impress our family and friends. Save money on the food by cutting quantities.This can be difficult because over the festive period much of the subtle and not so subtle marketing will be structured to encourage you to buy more than you need.

festive savings


Morrison’s have offers on Chocolates, they are £4 a box or three for £10. Is this a responsible offer? Why not highlight offers on healthy options? The festive period shouldn’t automatically be a weight gain period. I won’t be going off my gluten-free diet for Christmas.


Matalan had offers for card holders but they only last a few days. Now they have a Christmas sale on selected items. The company has had problems this year. They need to look at stock and marketing. For example, in Autumn winter many men want winter sweaters, not thin summer ones. Some of their customers are over the age of 30 too and they might be amazed to find they are working class not gentrified Londoners.


Aldi has offers on all sorts of things from hampers to champagne. You can still be a victim of slick marketing so look for value. You can be smart with things like hampers. Can you make up your own hamper? You can be smart with champagne too. The cheaper champagne goes down well in a champagne cocktail and so make those for your guests at Christmas. They will not only be impressed but you will save money too. You can make your own canapés too and other ‘luxury’ nibbles. Aldi has some special buys for Christmas too.

Festive offers

Most festive offers are marketing ploys to get you to buy more but you can find some bargains. I found a Wahl hair clipper and trimmer set half price at Superdrug. They have other similar products on offer too. I intend to frame some photos for Christmas too.  The photos are being printed by Aldi photo service and I bought some Poundland frames. The photos are 12 x 8 for just 32p. The problem is, my Poundland frames are 10x 8. I think I can cut a couple of inches off them! Framed photos make good presents and really inexpensive when they work out to just £1.50 (including postage).

Festive gifts

It can be difficult to decide on gifts but the popular ones like socks and Lynx deodorant can be a little less than exciting. Making up a goody bag can be a good idea. Put things in like you might find in a Christmas stocking. I’m retired but I’m not too old to eat jelly babies! Stationery is quite good in a goody bag too. I saw some sugar mice 50p each the other day and they are a novel addition to a goody bag as well. I put chocolate coins in the last one I made up. You can do a luxury goody bag with a bottle of champagne and a box of liquors. Being thrifty is about getting value for money, not being stingy.

I hope you find your festive gifts and food at the right price. I’ll be shopping around and I’ll be blogging through Christmas too. If you would like to subscribe to this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more pictures and festive video on my Facebook page.

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