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Finance Friday | Christmas on a budget

Many people are thinking about buying food, drinks and presents for Christmas now with only 32 days to go. But what about after Christmas? If we shop around and try to save money now, we will have an easier time trying to pay bills next year. You might cut down on the food, we all tend to eat too much.

Food and drink

Food and drink play a big part in any celebration, but it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight when you eat and drink too much at Christmas. Maybe you can buy healthier foods, eat more fruit and salads over Christmas and cut down on the mince pies and chocolates? The drinks tend to be high alcohol and so high in calories too. People tend to drink more spirits at Christmas and while we all want to get into the Christmas spirit, that’s no excuse for hitting the scotch and the brandy. Think about lower alcohol, a nice glass of beer instead of that heavy wine perhaps? Consider cider as an alternative to wine too and there are low alcohol wines and perrys too.

Cards and presents

You can also cut down on postage for cards by hand delivering some yourself. Cut down on the cards by posting Christmas greeting via the Internet on Facebook and Twitter. The same goes for New Year’s greetings. You can cut down on presents by making your own or shopping around for things. Find a fancy jar and fill it with nostalgic sweets like those we enjoyed as children. Give you friends a blast from the past with love hearts, dolly mixtures and jelly babies in a fancy jar. You can also get a A4 frame from Poundland and frame a nice picture for them. Maybe, you could print your own photo if you have a ink jet printer? A nice photo of their house would be good.

Avoiding debt

You might be tempted to put Christmas on you credit card, but shouldn’t that be saved for emergencies and larger purchases? It is good to have one or two credit cards to help you if you need short term credit to tide you over through a crisis, but Christmas isn’t a crisis for most people.

Getting in the mood

You can get in the mood for Christmas without spending lots of money or becoming Scrooge-like. See what decorations and lights you have and put those up, maybe even make your own decorations. Holly and ivy can be got for free. Use some music to get everyone in the mood for Christmas. Can’t afford a turkey? Roast a chicken;  a good stuffing  will make it delicious with all the trimmings and a good gravy.

Break with tradition, if you can’t afford it. Christmas without rules…

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