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Finance Friday | Talk Talk Talk

I answered my phone this morning. This is unusual for me, I usually leave the calls to go to my answering machine, because of nuisance calls that could be dealt with easily; but aren’t, because they make money for the telecom companies. It was from TalkTalk.

I paid my line rental up front to save £60 a year and so got my direct debit down from £25 to £12, but often get a an extra 2 to 3 pounds put on my bill when I have to phone those dreaded 0845 numbers. You know what it’s like. You phone the council, the bank, NHS direct or even the police and they put you on hold and you’re suppose to be bloody grateful that it’s a ‘local’ call. They charge you a ‘connection’ fee and then 4 pence a minute and it quickly mounts up. Anyway, could I get free 0845 numbers?  I told her that I didn’t use my international calls anymore, in fact I don’t use my phone much anymore. Can I swap the international for 0845? I can get unlimited broadband she explained and a free box to get their television service and all for an extra £3 a month. How much for 0845 numbers if I cancel the international calls? An extra £3.00 a month, she said in an tone that sounded like her commission was on it’s way down the drain. She was right, no sale; I stayed on the package I’m on now. Will I stay with TalkTalk and renew my contract? Maybe, if I get free 0845 calls…

It was the budget this week. The government is still hoping to pay off the mortgage in 5 or 6 years rather than taking 30 years as many people hoped. Education is now costing about £5,000 a child and many people are having more children. They did introduce child care vouchers to help pay nanny, but that’s even more being spent on children. We also have to spend a lot of money on welfare for children, healthcare for children and then there is child benefit. If the government is serious about paying off debts why not have a 1 child per family policy like in China? With less schools, we would need to spend less on traffic calming, humps and traffic lights, less on new schools, youth clubs, skateboard parks and so on. We could also improve the quality of education so that every child gets a smaller class size and has out of school activities like violin lessons. Then when they grow up they can all be politicians having learnt a little about how to handle a fiddle…

We have snow in Britain again this morning. I asked a question on Facebook. How long would it take to melt 100 grams of snow in a 3Kw kettle? I’ve not had any takers yet. 100 grams isn’t much, a small snow ball. It takes a lot more heat than you think to melt ice. About 333 joules to melt a kilogram. A 3 kilowatt kettle produces 3,000 joules of heat an hour. Any closer to the answer? If you don’t understand basic physics. How can you understand global warming and climate change? Most people don’t understand it and even if they did, they can’t do the maths.

I’ve learnt this week that the G20 nations have an agreement not to devalue their currencies. Of course they are printing money in the US (quantitative easing) and Japan plans to loosen monetary policy (print money). Even the UK has printed 375 billion. The EU under German control is dead against this though, hence the problems in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. Now Cyprus has the same problem. The whole world is in debt. They owe their central banks, their pension funds, the rich oil barons and of course the Chinese government. The Chinese government made all that money by printing money, devaluing it’s currency and exporting cheap stuff to the world. The Chinese people  were the slave labour that made it all possible. It’s always the politicians and the rich exploiting the people isn’t it?

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