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Finance Friday: What recovery?

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We are told the UK economy is recovering and doing well. All I see is increasing poverty. People are having their benefits stopped, losing their homes and queuing at food banks. More people are using the discount supermarkets and Poundland. Is this just a recovery for the rich? The champagne and strawberries crowd at Wimbledon? The Royal Ascot lot in their finery?

Economic Security

This week the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was in London signing deals to invest $30 billion in the UK. Will this help alleviate the poverty? It will be invested in nuclear power stations and HS2. It will make the rich even richer. Money is centralised in the hands of a few individuals and organisations. They dictate prices and wages. The ordinary man n the street is a slave.  The job centres don’t phone people up and say Mr Smith needs his lawn mowing, pop around and earn a few quid. They have video camera out waiting for the claimant to mow Mr Smith’s lawn so they can stop their benefits. The whole system isn’t about getting people into work, it’s about forcing them into slavery. They must become slaves to the big multinational corporations and work for minimum wages or even on zero hours contracts, with no economic security at all.

Mental illness

That is what people want and need, some economic security. They need to know that if they lose their job, get sick or have an accident; they will have enough money to live on. The welfare state was meant to provide that security, but that is now being destroyed. One of the problems that has put such a  burden on the health service is mental illness. People are being encouraged to make society more stressed and depressing, causing alcohol problems, drug problems and mental illness. Still the government piles on the pressure and the most vulnerable people in society suffer.


In a true democracy, the government would lose next year’s election. It isn’t a true democracy, it’s a system based on corruption and class. David Miliband this week said it was policy to stop benefit payments for young people and give them some kind of allowance. He wears a posh suit just like Cameron and Osborne. If it looks like a duck and it quacks, it is a duck… Miliband is a a tory in sheep’s clothing. Labour needs to dump him. We need someone like Harold Wilson, who wasn’t exactly working class, but didn’t wear the shiny suit and suck up to his betters.

Left, right of centre

I appear to be attacking the right of politics today. Well they are in power and we can hardly call the Liberal Democrats a centre party now and Ed Miliband despite his ‘Red Ed’ nickname is hardly left wing either. I’m not left or right wing and take a common sense approach to most things. Take the council tax for example. Someone living in a 100,000 pounds council house pays 1,000  a year; so shouldn’t someone living in a 1,000,000 house pay 10,000 a year? They don’t though, because it’s the MP’s who living in multi million pound houses. Is this an extreme view that they should pay their fair share? The same applies to the television licence. The same applies to the standing charge on our gas and electricity bills. The same applies to car tax. We all pay the same regardless of ability to pay.

That’s it for today, please comment whether you agree with me or not. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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