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This week interest rates have been in focus with various pundits predicting an interest rate increase next week. There is no forward guidance and so it could go either way. As usual, the government and Bank of England add to uncertainty and the markets don’t like uncertainty but for many investors uncertainty brings opportunities. It is unfortunate that it is mostly parasitic day traders and shorters that get to benefit.

finance in focus


Christmas is getting closer but shoppers are holding on to their cash. Will there be a last-minute spending spree like last year? Most retailers are depending on it. Tesco’s share price slipped a bit this week and I hope they have a good Christmas so the share price recovers in the new year. Premier Foods will do better in the new year if we have some bad weather which seems to favour many of their products.

The AIM Market

My shares in companies on the AIM market were fairly steady this week but did drift downwards. Solo Oil didn’t move far from 5p but the spread is a ridiculous 11% and so in practice, the bid price is probably 5p. We keep waiting for news and I expect the price to soar once we get some positive news from Tanzania but news from Horse Hill could send the share price soaring too. Verona Pharma slipped a little this week and with no news due for a while I hope it stays where it is for now. I see that price as seriously undervaluing the company. Immupharma slipped back a little on some profit taking but that has soared this month so it is to be expected. There is still lots of upside there as the next phase of developing Lupuzor gets underway.


Carillion is disposing of assets and the share price recovered slightly. Again there is a lot of risk but also a lot of potential so I’ll hold and wait. The AA is a similar situation but their share price did recover a little this week as did Lloyds Banking Group.


Overall I’m not expecting any surprises until next year. 2018 could be a year when many of these companies recover but higher interest rates will be damaging except for Lloyd’s who might benefit. There will be political risks but with a hung parliament, they will probably be muted. The next significant event will probably be the Federal Reserve raising US interest rates. Many people are expecting that next month but they might hold off until 2018. I think that will have an effect on the dollar to GBP exchange rate and have a positive influence on FTSE 100 shares especially companies such as pharmaceuticals. My thoughts are that the Federal Reserve will raise rates first followed by the Bank of England.

In focus

I have all my finances in focus at the moment and I’m pleased my investments are diversified and my future looks fairly stable. There are no nasty surprises looming. I don’t expect to be dealing for the rest of this year but I always have an eye open for a bargain and if one of my FTSE 100 shares soars to new heights I will be selling and reducing my exposure to the market.  I won’t be increasing my investments unless I see a real bargain. There is too much political uncertainty.

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