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I went to Matalan yesterday and they are surviving the recession well, because people can’t afford the more expensive places. If you go to their website, you’ll see a link to ‘Become an Affiliate Partner’ at the bottom of their web page. I could be a a Matalan affiliate and have a link in the side bar of my blog to their website. If someone then clicks the link and spends money, I get a commission of 5%. I do have one affiliate link in the sidebar to Zopa, but I don’t want more just yet.  There are lots of websites that want affiliates and I could also put advertising in the sidebar and at the bottom of the blog. I can also insert links into the blogs like I just did with Zopa. I can even put an advert at the end of each blog. This is one way of starting a  money making business.

Deciding on what type of business to start depends upon your knowledge and skills. I talked to someone yesterday who has started his own gardening business; which is a good business to start in an area where nearly everyone has a garden. As well as tending to people’s gardens you can also start plants off in Spring and sell the seedlings or even sell some of the produce from your vegetable plot.

I saw a couple of guys on TV who started a business going around offices after hours, sterilising and cleaning the phones and computers. They had a whole office block to do. It required knowledge, specialist cleaning materials and the willingness to work later in the evening.

I have seen people taking photographs and uploading them to Pinterest and then putting a link into the photo that goes to a website where they are an affiliate and so to get into that business you don’t even need your own website.

I have a clock that needs putting up in my kitchen, if someone offered to do it who had an electric drill and a suitable bit to plug the wall; I would pay them to do it. There is a demand, so if someone fills it even for something as basic as plugging walls, they can make money at it.

If you can do specialist cleaning there is a good demand for that. In the right location, car cleaning can be profitable. Other types of cleaning services, like cleaning paths, drives, carpets, graffiti or windows, should be considered. You could also consider sweeping car parks and collecting litter, it has to be done and many firms don’t want to employ someone full time to do it. If you are well organised and can do a few car parks in a day, you could make a living.

If you can sew or knit especially with a machine, you can make a living altering clothes. New clothes rarely fit perfectly when we buy them. Knitting could be profitable, if you can knit street style accessories like scarves.

There appears to be some demand for restored furniture from the period between the world wars. That can be picked up fairly cheaply and the varnish can be removed and replaced. That would be an interesting business and wouldn’t required a large amounts of capital.

There are more traditional ways of starting a business, such as having a market stall or selling on a car boot sale and if you do something a little differently from everyone else, you can make a decent living.

If your business idea has more demand in a different area to where you live, you might have to travel to another area and also advertise for customers in that area. A car valeting service might do better in a more affluent area for example.

If you have a hobby or special interest consider providing goods or services to others who share your special interest. If you are something of an expert on minimalist living, you might advertise yourself as a minimalist interior designer.

Remember to be thrifty and frugal in business; avoid wasting anything and you will make better profits.  Even avoiding wasting time can make your business more likely to succeed. You should be professional and maybe look professional too, you want your potential clients to have confidence in you. You will also need to promote your business, with advertising, publicity, word of mouth and possibly social media. If you’re thinking of trying to start a business, then planning is important before you even start; so too is capital to buy what you need and support yourself until the business can.

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