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Finding a genre #photography

If you’re serious about photography it might be a good idea to think about a particular genre to concentrate on. Some photographers prefer landscape photography while those who want to earn a living at it might specialise in studio or wedding photography. There are many different genres and it is worth experimenting and finding a genre that suits you.

Finding a genre

I’m still looking for my ideal genre. This shot was taken at an event, it is a candid shot because he walked into my shot and he wasn’t really aware that he had become the subject. I really dislike those fake smiles I see when people pose for photographs. I’m not keen on selfies but at least the people tend to be more relaxed and so the photo looks less fake. Perhaps long lens candid shots could be my genre? Finding a genre could be a process of elimination.

Finding a genre


I used this shot for one of my art cards. It’s not a typical landscape, it has a lot going on and features two listed buildings. I really like this type of shot. I am suited to urban landscape photography.

Natural light

I prefer natural light. I have problems using a flash but I have been experimenting with a soft-box to make the light from the flash better diffused. I’ve also have tried using the Speedlight off-camera with better results. I like this shot of the inside of the bar of the Olde Leathern Bottel. It tells a story and uses the natural light coming in through the window. I doubt if this will be my chosen genre but it is a type of shot of which I need to be aware. The light coming through the window of a pub, cafe or whatever can make for a very interesting shot with nice shadows. This type of shot could also be combined with an off-camera flash to fill in the darker areas.

Things are looking up

You really have to go about finding a genre that suits you and which you’re happy with. I haven’t been happy with anything just lately. My writing hasn’t been up to its usual standard and my health has been poor. I am pleased with today’s post, however, so maybe things are looking up!


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