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Finding the spring bargains #thrifty

There has been a big shift in recent years to online shopping and that has changed our high streets. We still have to shop locally for fresh foods like fruit and vegetables. You can shop around and the small shops have lots of bargains but struggle to compete with supermarkets that bulk buy. The bigger shop can also do loss leader which can save us money on our shopping bill. Watch out for spring bargains on fruit and vegetables that are just coming into the season. In Aldi this week the super-six were just 19p. I had the leeks and cauliflower. The super-six has changed again today and has fruit and veg on offer at 45p. I might have the onions when I shop at the beginning of next week, warming soups are still worth cooking in spring.

spring bargains


Besides taking advantage of things in-season we can also think about off-season savings on things like holidays. You can buy clothing off-season too. Traders are discounting their winter clothing now as they stock the spring and summer lines. It is a good time to buy a sweater for next winter if you know the style that suits you rather than being a dedicated follower of fashion which will probably change before next winter.

Online spring bargains

You can find your spring bargains online too. Online shopping has changed dramatically in the past few years and you can even buy directly from China via Amazon and eBay. I bought a hat that was sent to me from Shanghai. There are some risks such as clothing being in Asian sizes or European sizes so you need to be more careful. The hat I bought would cost £30 here in a good shop and it only cost about £3 from Shanghai. Some of these cheap goods end up on market stalls too. I bought a Bluetooth speaker at the weekend on a market for just a few pounds and it’s great. I can send music to it from my computer or my phone and it even has a built-in radio.


Spring is also the beginning of the events seasons and you can shop around for places to go and days out. Many organised events can be quite expensive with admission fees and then you buy food and other goods. The ones organised by charities and local authorities are usually free admission and there is less pressure to spend money. The market I went to had lots of bouncy castle style things for the children and cartoon characters too. All the fun day things were free. Remember to take food and drinks with you on your days out. Cans of Pepsi are usually 3 for £1 in Poundland and so much cheaper than buying them from a vendor when you’re out. A 6 pack of crisps from Aldi will probably come in useful too.

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