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Finding your niche #photography

I think anyone who enjoys photography needs to consider how best to enjoy it. Some people like being at one with nature and shoot wildlife photographs and others like to just snap the peculiarities of life. Finding your niche can be difficult but it should be something you’re comfortable with. I do events but I’m never very comfortable with them and find just photographing interesting buildings and scenes more relaxing.

finding your niche

Finding your niche

I’ve been looking at my photographs particularly the ones I had in this year’s exhibition and I think I shoot better pictures when I’m alone and concentrating on what I’m doing too. If I feel the people around me are friendly I’m relaxed too but that isn’t always the case. I have been harassed this year by a market trader who claimed I needed to ask people’s permission to take photos. That attitude isn’t helped by advice from organisations that like to play safe when  giving advice by being over-cautious because of fear of litigation. People get confused into thinking there are criminal laws relating to photography. I suppose it is up to photographers to know the law and be aware of possible litigation and speak with some authority when challenged.


I’ll continue to do events and we have a evening of spoken word and music today. I’m always trying to improve my photography and this evening the light will be a mixture of fluorescent and natural light. I’m going to set the white balance to auto and I think that will give me better pictures. My other objective this evening will be to shoot some better video. I shot some last month but the camera was too low. I need to get the camera higher on my monopod and keep it steady.


Today’s picture taken at Wednesbury Metro stop was in the exhibition and the print looks really good. No, I didn’t need the permission of those ladies to take the picture although had they have objected I would have deleted it. The main consideration is, could this image possibly harm either of those ladies? It is highly unlikely. They are just two people waiting to board a tram. I am not breaking any criminal laws but I have to consider whether they could sue for damages. People get criminal law mixed up with civil law and it is the latter that photographers have to be concerned with.

Street photography

Street photography is a popular niche but it can be fraught with problems as people object to you taking pictures for whatever reason. Candid pictures with a long lens are more natural and keeps a distance from your subject. Candid photography is seen as sneaky by the more intolerant members of the public who think they have far more rights than they actually have in law. You have to be quite extrovert to do street photography.

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