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Fixing Britains economy #investments

There are lots of ideas bandied about fixing Britains economy but little changes and nothing improves. The government has enormous debts and personal debt is out of control. People mortgage themselves up to the hilt and the add more debt through loans and credit cards. The government is irresponsible and encourages the people to be irresponsible too. The Bank of England doesn’t help with ridiculously low, interest rates. Lack of regulation means we get banks leveraging in order to invest in dodgy companies such as Lehman Brothers and to add to the misery and uncertainty a decision is made to leave the EU by people ill-equipped to make that decision. Us!

fixing Britains economy


I’m all in favour of democracy but when we are sick we see a doctor, we consult an expert; we don’t have a vote to see which of our friends to ask for advice. We rely on experts all the time, but we allow amateurs to make our laws and run our country. Look at America and we see democracy gone crazy and a scary scenario has developed where a quite unsuitable person could soon become president of the most powerful country in the world. The world needs to re-evaluate democracy and there should at least be some form of education and training for members of parliament. Jeremy Hunt could work in an A&E department as part of his training and Ian Duncan Smith in a hostel for the homeless. God knows what we could do with that Rees-Mogg fellow.

Economic democracy

Jeremy Corbyn wants to nationalise everything but where will he get the money? He intends to just print money and steal assets from their current owners or both. That would devalue sterling even more and trash the economy. We need to encourage people to invest so we are all shareholders in Britain’s great companies. We need to get rid of nominee accounts and give small investors direct online access to dealing on the stock market with no stamp duty and low affordable dealing fees. We need to encourage companies to engage with small shareholders and encourage them to invest. Small shareholders need a voice and they need to leave their wealth to the next generation. Instead of leaving debts for future generations shouldn’t we be leaving assets?

Dealing fees

Dealing fees of £25 when we buy and then again when we sell are outrageous but is the norm for some banks and financial institutions. I deal shares through the Halifax who have a commission discount for just two hours each month. I considered dealing this week at the reduced commission of 3.95 but would like a low dealing fee, all of the time. We should be fixing Britains economy and high dealing fees are a problem for small investors.

Rich and poor

Whether you are rich or poor, you still have to pay the same road tax on a car, why not put the tax on petrol? Whether you are rich of poor, you still have to pay the same TV licence fee, why not make it fairer? Whether you are rich or poor, you have to pay the same line rental for your phone and broadband, often as much as 17.99 a month; why not make it simple and based on usage? Whether you are rich or poor, you have to pay the same standing charges for gas and electricity; why not make all charges based on usage? With all these charges biased against the poor, is it little wonder that we need tax credits to enable people to live, even though they work and earn a wage? If we are serious about fixing Britains economy, we should think about making it fairer.

Fixing Britains economy

No one seems to be even proposing sensible ideas to make Britain more democratic and Britain’s economy more sustainable. The old ideas of left versus right continue to dominate the political scene and the gulf between them widens as desperation leads to extremism.


Finally, this week was a week of desperation. No one seems to know what will happen next in the markets. The turbulence does offer some opportunities but you have to be brave! Shares in many companies seem to be cheap now. Senior plc, the specialist engineering company took a hit this week and their shares are down to 172.80 which could be a bargain price. Expect a dividend of around 6p  on that which isn’t too bad and a fraction of their earnings per share. I put them on my watch list.

Just as an example for readers who don’t own shares. If you bought 500 shares in Senior today at 172.5 (the price just dropped), it would cost you £872.27 with the 0.5% stamp duty and a reduced commission of 3.95. Your dividends on the investment would be around £30 a year, which is better than bank interest. If Senior shares return to the price they were last November of 251p, your shares would be worth £1255. They might go up or they might go down, it depends on lots of variables. The world economy being the biggest variable. One crazy variable is computers monitoring share price movements and automatically buying and selling. A slight increase in a share price can mean a million computers all suddenly buying because of an algorithm!

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