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Flying solo #money

It has been a while since I wrote about finance and investments but money is never far from my thoughts. It hasn’t been a good year for investments with the collapse of Carillion doing the most damage. My car needed some money spent on it recently when the coil pack started to disintegrate. That was followed by my washing machine developing a fault so I had to buy a new washer! So I might have to wait a bit to upgrade my camera; there are worse things in life.


Solo Oil

This week Solo Oil decided to issue new shares in an ‘open offer’. I can buy 1 new share for every 9  that I own, so I decided to accept and take some spare shares too which will increase my holding by 20%. The offer is at 2.25p and the highest price Solo has been was around 15p which we expect to be exceeded, possibly next year. I would have been happier if the offer has been 1 for 5 and aimed to raise more capital so there would be no more distributions for a long time but taking into account the risks I think it could be a good investment.

Flying solo

I don’t have to consult others about my financial affairs and this week I spent almost an afternoon on the phone getting a reduction on my AA membership for the next 2 years and over £100 off my car insurance premium by switching to a new broker. Every little helps they say and my financial forecast says I might be able to upgrade my camera around the time of my next birthday.


I even delay paying some bills when I can or delay buying new things. I haven’t paid for my new washing machine, I’ll pay my credit card off in September. I even delay buying new clothes and take more time over making decisions which can save a little money here and a little money there. It mounts up. I shop around too and can save a massive £800 on my new camera by shopping around and buying online. That is £800 compared to major retailers and I get a longer warranty too. I can delay that purchase too, though. I don’t need the camera, I want the camera! I can delay until I actually need a better camera.

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